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Once you’ve finished off Dettlaff after keeping Syanna alive Anna Henrietta will plan a ceremony to bestoy on you the Order of Vitis Vinifera. Regis is still wondering who the 5th victim was supposed to be. You can go with him to see the Bootblack, wait for later or say that you don’t care.

The 5th Victim

Go with Regis to see the Bootblack and get your boots shined again. Ask him questions about the who gave him the letters. Regis will step in and ask the questions a little more diplomatically and the kid will reveal that they came from a homeless shelter.

Head around to the shelter around the corner and fight the 2 guys who are giving the shelter manager trouble. Ask him about the beggars and he’ll tell you to stay so you can talk to them yourself. When the homeless men arrive they’ll reveal that they had delivered the letters and that one of them has the fifth letter. When he hands it over you’ll find out that Anna Henrietta herself was the intended last victim.

Talking to Syanna

Make your way to the palace and talk to the guard to be let through. If you want the good ending you’ll need to respond the right way during this converstation. The good ending will only be available if you went to the Land of the Thousand Fables, read the entries in the Journal and listened to all of Syanna’s side of the story.

When she asks why she did it respond by saying “Cause she turned her back on you, forgot about you.” When questioned about her sister say “Ever thought to forgive her?”

Once you’ve finished talking to Syanna the guard will enter and tell you that Damien de la Tour wishes to see you.

The Ceremony

Approach Damien to begin the ceremony. You can tell him about the 5th victim but it won’t have much of an effect. You can also tell the Duchess about it as well but as long as you’ve completed all the other actions to achieve the good outcome it won’t make a difference.

To save the sisters you will need to:

Read 2 journal entries in the Governess’ Journal in the palace playroom
Complete the quest Beyond Hill and Dale…
Listen to Syanna’s stories after collecting each of the 3 Beans
Investigate the 5th victim
Speak to Syanna in the palace and give her the correct responses

If you don’t complete any of the above then Syanna will kill her sister and Damien will shoot a crossbow bolt at her. Both of them will be killed.

If you complete all the requred tasks then the sisters will argue in front of the people at the ceremony. They’ll make up and hug each other.

A Drink with Regis

No matter how it turns out with the two sisters Regis will come looking for you and ask you to help him find Mandrakes. They are toxic so he’ll give you a mask and gloves. Picking mandrakes without protection will increase your toxicity. You’ll need to pick 2 Mandrakes for the quest.

Once you find them return to Regis. He’s not where you left him so track him to where he’s being attacked by a few Bruxae. Once they’ve been killed he’ll tell you that he’s betrayed the vampires and must leave as soon as possible. The two of you will head back to have a drink. In the morning Regis will be gone.

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