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Make your way to the palace and talk to the Duchess Anna Henrietta. She reluctantly agrees to forego hunting for the vampire and go after whoever is manipulating him behind the scenes.

The sommelier will examine the wine stain on the letter and figure out that it’s a 1269 Sangreal from the Castel Ravello Vineyard.

When you’re ready make your way to the vineyard and speak to the vineyard owner. Anna will get fed up during the questioning and demand to inspect the barrels herself.

Follow the Duchess down to the cellar and start testing the barrels by knocking on them. The one you want is upstairs but all of them sound full. Now we must put them to the taste test. Grab the Wooden Hammer and Barrel Tap from downstairs if you didn’t grab it already. Go back up and tap the barrels. When you tap the third one you’ll find that it’s not really Sangreal. Head back to Fabricio and ask him about what really happened.

You decide to set a trap with the guards to catch whoever is taking the wine. When the men appear a fight begins. Kill them and talk to the one survivor. It appears these men are just the hired thugs. The real culprit is not here.

When you’re ready go to the Ducal Guard Post and speak to Anna. You’ll decide to go to the Mandragora party to try to get more information and the quest will end.

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