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Skellige is one of the Northern Kingdoms and is composed of a group of six islands. It’s known for the viking-like residents who sails across the seas on corsairs and longships. The people of Skellige are united under a King who’s elected by the major clans during their traditional moots.

If you follow along with the main quests you’ll end up going to Skellige for the Destination: Skellige quest. The recommended level for this area is Level 15 and above. You can visit the isles at any time as long as you can secure a ship for the journey.

Secondary Quests and Contracts

A Bard’s Beloved
A Hallowed Horn
Abandoned Sawmill
An Unpaid Debt
Armed Assault
Brave Fools Die Young
Call of the Wild
Crime and Punishment
Farting Trolls
Finders Keepers
Fists of Fury
Flesh for Sale
For Fame and Glory
Free Spirit
From a Land Far, Far Away
Gwent: Skellige Style
Hard Times
In Wolf’s Clothing
Iron Maiden
King’s Gambit
Master Armorers
Master of the Arena
Peace Disturbed
Practicum in Advanced Alchemy
Shock Therapy
Siren’s Call
Stranger in a Strange Land
Taken as a Lass
The Cave of Dreams
The Family Blade
The Four Faces of Hemdall
The Heroes’ Pursuits
The Last Wish
The Lord of Undvik
The Nithing
The Path of Warriors
The Price of Honor
The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers
The Tower Outta Nowheres
Woe is Me
Worthy of Trust
Yustianna Disturbed


Here Comes the Groom
Missing Miners
Missing Son
Muire D’yaeblen
Skellige’s Most Wanted
Strange Beast
The Phantom of Eldberg
In the Heart of the Woods


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