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Path to the Cathedral

After defeating the Crystal Sage from the last episode continue on the path forwards. The first couple of sections are fairly linear although you may hear a few Crystal Lizards on the path down below to your left. You can easily dispatch of them by dropping down and striking them with a single blow. Grab the Twinkling Titanite and go back up.

Drop off the small ledge to enter a new area. Grab the complete Herald Armor Set by the fire.

Cathedral of the Deep Herald Armor SetRun across the bridge to start the main part of Cathedral of the Deep and light the Cathedral of the Deep Bonfire. Look to the small path to the left and go down to pick up the Paladin’s Ashes protected by an Exiled Knight. The Knight is a bit of a pain and he’ll kick you and use the sword two-handed to break your guard and even throw poisoned knives at you if you back away too far. The Paladin’s Ashes can be taken back to the Handmaiden to unlock extra items for sale.

Go half way up the stairs and take the path to the left. Head around to the right for a Titanite Shard. Head back to the steps and this time follow a little path that leads to the right. Follow the path all the way around the side of the mountain and pick up the Crest Shield.

Cathedral of the Deep Crest ShieldFrom here there is a Brigand down below with the Spider Shield. Try to perform a plunging attack to kill him with a single blow.

Continue up the stairs into the woody area. Watch out for the three Crossbowmen and Dogs who will attack you as you enter the woods. To the right you’ll be able to see the Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler. Continue along the path and go through the arches to the right. A Hollow is here who has been practicing his fire spells. Unfortunately he’s not so good and will explode before long. Stay out of his way!

Follow the path along all the way into the Cathedral to find the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire.

Dark Souls 3 CathedralTo the right corner of the Cathedral is the Notched Whip.

First Cathedral Loop

There are a few paths that lead to the Cathedral For now head back out of the main doors that you came in. Head down the path to the right to find the Estus Shard by the three Hollows praying. Follow the path behind the obelisk to the right. We’ll go up the stairs in the second loop.

Follow the path past the Hollows and drop down the two ledges into the shallow river. Head down the river and on the right you can pick up the Saint-tree Bellvine.

Cathedral of the Deep Saint-Tree BellvineBe careful of the Maggot Bests that can give you maggots and may cause you to bleed! If you do have this condition hold a Torch in your hand to kill the bugs.

Go up the stairs to the right and pick up the Titanite Shard behind a tree. Continue forwards, up a small set of stairs to the left and then pick up another Titanite Shard by a tree.

From here drop off the edge below to face a Crystal Lizard by all of the crystals.

Cathedral of the Deep CrystalsFacing the crystals there is a small thin passage into the building. Enter into the passage to face the Maggot Beast. He may be too large for the passageway so you should be able to take a breather if you get into trouble. The Maggot Beast is guarding the Poisonbite Ring.

Go back out and take the stairs up to the left. Go through the arched window which leads back into the Cathedral. There’s a Titanite Shard in the entrance to the building.

Second Cathedral Loop

Go out of the main doors of the cathedral again and up to the right to the obelisk. This time continue up the stairs to the graveyard. The Zombies here will keep respawning.

Cathedral of the Deep Zombie GraveyardContinue down the path and take a left. Go left once more for the Astora Greatsword. Head back, keep to the left and drop off into the little valley. Follow the path all the way to the end and drop down into a dead-end. It’s here that you’ll find a Fading Soul and the Executioner’s Greatsword. As soon as you pick it up many Zombies will spawn so get out of there quickly.

Follow the path out and take the first left. Follow the path all the way to the bridge that leads out of the graveyard.

Cathedral of the Deep Bridge out of GraveyardTake the stairs up and then the stairs down to the right. Watch out for the Grave Warden with twin blades along the way. His attacks will cause bleeding and he can breathe fire so keep on your toes for this battle. Pick up the Undead Bone Shard and the Repair Powder. A little further are two Large Souls of an Unknown Traveler.

If, in the Undead Settlement, you befriended the Giant of the Tower he will help you out by sniping the Undead Zombies here.

Before going back to the Cathedral go up the stairs and over to the right to this building for the Curse Ward Greatshield.

Cathedral of the Deep Small BuildingRun down the stairs and kick off the ladder so you can get back up here from below later on. Head up the entrance to the Grand Cathedral and look around the side to the left for two Rusted Coins.

You can open the big doors just yet so take the small passage to the right. Take the Red Bug Pellet and continue forwards. Take the small path to the left and take a left again on the rooftop.

Over on the right balcony is the Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler. Continue to the right, down the roof and around to a small staircase. Head up the steps and take a right for another Red Bug Pellet at end.

Now turn around and take the left path into a room with three Undead Hunter Charms. There will be an Evangelist here preaching to a few Hollows. Try to draw them out so you’re not facing all of them at the same time.

Head back down the stairs and then down again to the left. There’s a small room here to the left with around four or five enemies. Inside is the Soul of a Nameless Soldier.

Cathedral of the Deep WalkwaysContinue down the main walkway and up the stairs at the end into the large room. Continue up the stairs on the left hand side all the way to the end, past the Grand Cathedral entrance and pick up the Ember.

Now go into the Grand Cathedral and take the small passageway to the left. Pick up the Duel Charm but watch out for the statue above which will try to poison you.

Continue to the right and into the Elevator Room to the left. Take the elevator down. Walk out and open the gate. At the end of this courtyard on the right is a door back into the Cathedral.

Third Cathedral Loop

Make your way out the door you just came from and go to the left, all the way back up the lift you came down. Before going out go down the small red staircase to the left. At the end you’ll find a Deep Gem guarded by an Evangelist.

Cathedral of the Deep - Deep GemNow go back up the staircase to the top and take a right to go outside. Follow the path to the right and pick up the Soul of a Nameless Soldier, Lloyd’s Sword Ring and 6 Exploding Bolts.

Continue around and take a right down the staircase. Half way down you’ll come to an intersection. Take a left and cross the bridge to your right for a Seek Guidance. Go back over the bridge and climb up the hand ladder on the right.

Walk to the left and pick up the Ember. Drop back down and go left down the staircase, back to the intersection. This time head all the way down. The chest to the left in this room is actually a Mimic. When you kill him he’ll drop the Deep Braille Divine Tome. Continue down the stairs and follow the red carpet to the right.

Pick up the Ember in the large room. You’ll be attacked by a Lion Spider just as you enter. If you need to take a break while fighting him leave the room as he can’t fit through the doorway. When he’s been killed he’ll drop the Aldrich Ring.

Go back out and take the small staircase to the right. If you’re in Ember form Longfinger Kirk will invade. If you kill him you’ll get his sword and shield. From the small staircase turn immediately left as you enter the room. Follow it all the way down and around to the right until you enter this large room.

Cathedral of the Deep Large RoomAcross the other side of the room is a Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler. From the left from where you entered is a Full Set of Maiden Clothes and near it the Soul of a Nameless Soldier. There is a Giant here. Stay close to his ankles to keep out of reach. If you do kill any Giants here you’ll end your peace treaty with the Giant on the Tower.

Head out the big set of doors and go down the stairs all the way to the balcony for the Saint Bident. Turn right for two Homeward Bones. Go back up the stairs and take the path up. Turn left and follow it until you come out into another large room. Pick up all the loot on the right, the Drang Armor Set, a Pale Tongue, Large Titanite Shard, four Dung Pies and the Large Soul of an Unknown Traveler. To the far corner hiding behind a pillar are the Drang Hammers.

Go up the stairs and left past the candles on a table to an open area with tons of enemies. There’s an Ember at the edge of the balcony.

Dark Souls 3 EmberContinue straight across the room to the small passage leading to the elevator. Take it up and head out to the left. Open the main doors of the Great Cathedral on the right.

Cathedral of the Deep Opening Main DoorsOnce the doors have been opened leave the area and then come back. This will allow a NPC to spawn in the Cathedral. He is a Knight from Catarina although he doesn’t reveal his name. Pick up the Dual Charm just beyond him.

Head over the walkway and you’ll fall into his trap. That sneaky knight! He drops you into the room with the giant below although you may have already killed the Giant by now.

Now head up the stairs to the left and follow the passage with red carpet to the right. Go through the arch on the first left. Take a right and go down the stairs to the gate. Follow the path around to the right and open the doors at the end leading back into the Cathedral.

Take a rest at the bonfire and get ready to head out one last time.

Path to Boss Fight

Facing towards the altar take the door on the left and leave the cathedral. Take the first left and go up the elevator. Go out the arch to the small ledge and follow it around to the left. You’ll come to a ladder. Take it up.

Cathedral of the Deep LadderKill the guy at the top to get the Deep Ring and walk off or roll off the edge of the ledge just to the left. You’ll land on a rooftop. Follow it to the end and then take a right.

Follow this path nearly all the way to the end and take a right to go through these arches onto another thin rooftop.

Cathedral of the Deep RooftopDown the end you can pick up the Arbalest, a crossbow. Go back up the thin rooftop and take a right. Follow it to the end to pick up a Pale Tongue.

Head back and take the third arch to the right which leads to the Cathedral rafters. Follow them to the right for the Blessed Gem.

Take the rafters back to the other side and drop down onto this platform when you see it.

Cathedral of the Deep RaftersThen drop down onto the staircase. Follow it around, take out the enemies and you’ll find Patches here. He’ll give you a Rusted Coin and also sell you a few interesting items.

Turn around and go up the stairs to the right. Follow the hallway to the left and prepare for an ambush as the Maggot Beasts will try to surround you as you go in. At the end is the Maggot Beast Priest who is docile but will drop the Red Sign Soapstone if you kill him.

Turn around and take the big double doors on the left which leads to Rosaria’s Bed Chamber Bonfire. Pick up the Thorns Armor Set and there is a Covenant just beyond it.

Once hear head back behind the Shrine to where all the guys where praying and continue down the stairs to face the boss!

Deacons of the Deep Boss Battle

Cathedral of the Deep Deacons of the Deep BossThe Deacons of the Deep boss battle is not too difficult. At first there are just lots of Deacons who all look alike. The one glowing red is your target. The others will move slowly, attack if they get near enough and throw fireballs. If you kill the other Deacons they will just respawn so keep chasing after the one who glows red. The red glow which change from Deacon to Deacon.

Once the Deacon of the Deep gets down to half health the Archdeacon will emerge with some new Blue Deacons. They all move pretty slowly. Target the Archdeacon and kill him before they can cast any of their dark magic.

Once the Deacon of the Deep has been killed you’ll receive the Small Doll and Soul of Deacon of the Deep. Loot the Archdeacon for the Archdeacon Set.

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