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Undead SettlementOutside the Settlement

After the winged creatures have take you to the Undead Settlement light the bonfire. Have a look around. There is only one path down. Follow it and pick up the Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse along the way.

Head towards the gate with a number of villagers outside. They will open it and Bone Hounds will be released killing them. Take out the Bone Hounds. The two feasting behind the overturned carriage will reveal two Alluring Skulls.

Continue through the open arch. To the far right behind all the kneeling creatures is a Homeward Bone. On the right one of the creatures will start talking to you. His name is Yoel of Londor. He asks to be one of your followers. Accept and you’ll transport him back to Firelink Shrine where you can buy some Sorcery Spells from him. If you leave him here he will eventually disappear.

Through the Gate

Head back towards the closed gate and pull the lever to open it. Take out the villager with a lamp and light the next bonfire.

Continue down the path and face the farmer. Inside the first house is a Small Leather Shield. Drop down and let loose the corpse hanging from a rope. Around the corner is some Repair Powder.

Go back inside for the Charcoal Pine Bundle and then go down the stairs. At the very bottom you’ll find another 2 Charcoal Pine Bundle.

Go outside and pick up Loretta’s Bone from the corpse that you let loose. I guess she was the one you were supposed to give the ring to.

There are a number of Villagers down here around a bonfire. Blow up the barrels by tossing Firebombs at them to kill off a few of them at a time.

Once you get close to the fire a large Evangelist will attack. She may read curses from her book or charge at you with her mace. She’s fairly easy to deal with as it takes her time to read from her book and she’s not that hardy.

Go back to the tree and kill all of the villagers. Pick up the Estus Shard and Ember by the tree and the Soul of an Unknown Traveler by a gate. Use your Longbow to drop a corpse hanging from a tree. It will drop 9 Kukiri.

There are two exits from this area. A bridge to the right and a path leading down to houses on the left.

The Houses

Head down the walkway to the Villager’s Houses. Just by the house is a Titanite Shard. Enter the alley at the end and go into the first house to find a Charcoal Pine Bundle.The Pile of Corpses will stand up and attack if you get to close.

Drop down a small hole for the Warrior Sunlight. Take a drink from the pot of Estus soup to heal up as well. Open the door and go through the hall. There are more Piles of Corpses here that will rise up and attack so prepare a strike for them before they have the chance.

Continue to face the Red-Eyed Villager. Take him out and continue down. There are a lot of villagers here and another Evangelist will spot you from an overpass.

A villager bursts out of a doorway to the left. Take him out and grab the Whip inside the building.

Continue along and find a small path in the cliff face to the right for a Titanite Shard.

To take out the Evangelist find the ladder under the overpass and on the left or use long-ranged weapons. She guards a Titanite Shard on the overpass.

Go back down the ladder, continue forward through the arch and down the stairs. You’ll be told that there’s an invasion by the Holy Knight Hodrick! You’ll see him coming down the path. When you defeat him you’ll get the Vertabra Shackle.

Go around the corner to kill the patrolling Woodsman with a large saw blade and shield on his back. Here you’ll also face another Crystal Lizard. A powerful foe that is difficult to defeat. It may run away before you face it though. If you do manage to kill it it will drop a Sharp Gem.

With these two powerful foes out of the way head back up the building you came from and onto the roof. Jump across to another roof section and grab the 2 Rusted Coins. Light the bonfire before continuing.

The Dilapidated Bridge

Head over now to the bridge. You’ll be attacked by Villagers. One will stay back and throw Firebombs at you before attacking!

Take the path to the right for more loot. On the rooftops villagers will throw knives at you so proceed with caution. Three more will attack as you move along the path.

Climb onto the rooftops and collect the Firebomb. A path leading behind the buildings has a Plank Shield. There are another Pile of Corpses in a Cage. This time they talk to you!

In this area you can also join the Mound-Makers. Drop down from the right roof and climb inside. You’ll be given the option to make a pledge. Make sure you use an arrow to drop the corpse for a Flame Stoneplate Ring.

Go back to the barn that was across the bridge and go inside. Two Villagers with Pitchforks will attack. There’s also a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse here.

Continue through and kill the Villager with sword. Open the double doors. Watch out for another attack and then grab the Caduceus Shield.

Exploding Barrels

Head now to another bridge and cross over. You’ll notice a field of barrels. Unfortunately they’re exploding barrels and when you get close enough Villagers from above will light them with Firebombs. At the other end of the field is a Woodsman. Either snipe the Villagers first or take the path to the right of the bridge.

Clear out the underside area from Villagers and pick up the Titanite Shard. Head through the door at the other side and light the Bonfire. Head onto the roof, drop the hanging corpse with an arrow and grab the Partizan.


Go into the building an up the stairs. After killing the Villagers go around the back of the building and speak with Cornyx the Pyromancer. He offers to teach you some Pyromancy. If you accept he’ll teleport back to the Firelink Shrine where you can learn some new spells.

Grab the Hand Axe, to the left of the cage, before climbing back down to the ground.

Head under the overpass and find the broken bridge. A Hollow here has the Fire Clutch Ring.

Make your way down the stairs until you see many enemies patrolling a great stairway. Try to face them on one-by-one if you can. There are Bone Hounds, Villagers and an Evangelist to take care of. Behind a tree you’ll find an Ember.


From here there are a few paths to take including facing an optional boss on this level. Taking the great stairway to the right will lead you to this encounter. Across the bridge lies the tower with the Giant Archer. The sewers to the right of the bridge will take you down to the sewers.

You can find a Caestus, as well as a Giant Rat with the Bloodbite Ring. Following the sewers will take you to a ladder that leads back to the Dilapidated Bridge Bonfire.

The Tower

Take the bridge leading to the tower. You’ll face a few Villagers with shields on their backs. Continue on until you come across Eygim of Carim who carries a large mace. He tries to tell you you’re not ready to face what lies beyond the church.

Open the large church doors and go inside. There are many candles on the floor and an elevator that rises up. A strange Knight will talk to you. His name is Seigward of Catarina. He’s looking for the Giant also but can’t find a way to the top.

Step on the elevator and off it before it goes down. When the top elevator descends stand on it and ride it up the tower. Grab the Soul of a Nameless Soldier before continuing up the stairs.

Up the top you’ll find the Giant Bowman! Talk to him.

Undead Settlement Giant BowmanOffer him a Token of Friendship and he’ll give you a Young White Branch. He’ll also stop firing his arrows at you. If you do decide to fight him and kill him he’ll drop the Hawk Ring.

Head out to the area where the Giant is shooting his arrows. You’ll be able to walk through without being hit. Pick up all of the loot here.

To the left of the building is a Titanite Shard. Kill the Villager with Pitchfork that comes out of the building and make your way around the tombstones to a wooden shack.

The corpse of a Cleric is by the building. Take the Cleric items including Blue Wooden Shield, Gloves and other clothes. By a tree near here you can find Morticians Ashes. You can go back to the Firelink Shrine and give the Ashes to the Handmaid. The Handmaid will also sell you a Grave Key for 1,500 souls.

Go back and head inside the stone building. Take out the Red-Eyed Hollow and go up the stairs. Jump across to grab the Great Scythe.

The Sewers

If you do go back and buy the Grave Key then you’ll want to revisit the sewers. Open the locked gate and head down. There’s a number of Rats down here as well as Skeletons. You’ll find Velka, the Goddess of Sin who will absolve you of crimes such as attacking NPCs. Irina is also here. Accept her into service and she’ll be back at the Firelink Shrine, ready to teach you Miracles.

Head out of the gate which will take you back to Eygon. He doesn’t like you taking her away but offers to help you as long as you keep her safe.

Demon Boss Fight

Go into the Church and take the elevator up. Take it down again and drop off to the wooden platform about half way down. Seigward is here. Talk to him and when you go to face the Demon he’ll pluck up the courage to join in. The two of you should be able to take him on. Once he’s dead you will get the Fire Gem and Soul of a Demon.

Now that the Demon’s dead you’re free to explore the town. You can find a set of Northern Armor from bodies hanging from a building. There’s a Red Bug Pellet inside a building and more loot upstairs.

Climb up to the roof and find a body with Flynn’s Ring. The tower you can see from here is where the next boss is located. Drop down to the overhang and reach the tower. Inside the tower make a series of drops to the scaffolding and work your way down.

On the ground floor you’ll find a set of Mirrah Armor and a Chloranthy Ring. From here it’s time for the boss fight!

Rotted Greatwood Boss Fight

Undead Settlement Rotted GreatwoodAs you head towards the Greatwood tree you will be attacked by Villagers. The Greatwood itself won’t attack until you get closer. It tends to scoot about on its behind making it slow and cumbersome. The key here is to target the egg sacs across its body. Most notably between its legs. It will try to stomp on you or roll on top of you so keep moving.

Once enough of the eggs have been ruptured the Greatwood will do a big butt stomp that will break the ground beneath your feet. Everyone will go falling to an underground cave and and arm will break out of the tree. At this stage keep on targeting the eggs.

Try to get close to the trees body so that the arms won’t be able to reach you as they have long range but can’t swipe you when you’re hugging the body of the tree. Optionally use Firebombs or long range weapons for this fight.

There are some eggs near the shoulders as well that you must break. Once you’ve taken out all of the eggs the Rotted Greatwood will die and you’ll receive the Soul of Rotted Greatwood and Transposing Kiln.

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