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Road to Amida

Collectibles: 5

Head through the door and wall run to the next platform. You’ll be greeted by a new type of enemy, the shield guard. You’ll need to sensor boost around behind him to take him out.

Go through the door and take out a second shield guard. Walk back up the ramp the way you came and look down. You’ll see a platform below you. Drop down for the collectible Ghostrunner Poster.

Wall run back to the platform and go through the unlocked door.

In the next room you’ll find 2 shield guards. Use the grappling hooks on the wall runs and sensor boost behind them to kill them.

In the next room take the path to the left, kill the guard and climb up to take out the shield. Finish off the 2 shield guards in the room and before going through the unlocked door climb up the containers for the collectible Credit Card.

Go through the unlocked door into the next room. You’ll learn a new ability, to stop the rotating wheels by right clicking on them. Run over it and down the ramp.

Go through the unlocked door and ignore the passage to the right. Look out over the edge and you’ll see another collectible.

Wall run over to it for the Architect Bust. Wall run around the corner and continue on your way.

Slow the next wheel so you can dash through the gap and repeat this for the next wheel. Wall run along the next section as you slow the wheel down and dash through one last vertical spinning wheel. Go through the unlocked door and head around the corridor to face 2 guards.

Make your way across the wheels and take out the shield guard and regular guard. Head up the steps and behind a couple of boxes you’ll find the sword Kinteki Seisouken.

Run across the top of the wheel and grapple up to the unlocked door. Grab the shuriken and use it to hit the buttons to the left and right. Then quickly wall run and dash to the other side before the door closes.

Make your way around the corridor out to the next room. Break the shield and take out the guards below.

Press the button on the control panel and grapple across to the unlocked door. Slide down the ramp and take out the guard and 2 close combat enemies. Follow the yellow pipe on the floor but watch out for the third close combat enemy hiding around the corner to the left.

Wall run across the gaps and head into the next room. Once again take out the shield first and then deal with the enemies.

Go through the unlocked door and make your way around and down the ramp. Slow down the wheels on the walls so you can wall run across.

There’s a few more guards to deal with before coming to a large fan that will propel you up to the area above.

To open the next door you’ll need to grab the shuriken and then hit the 3 buttons. Hit the one to the right first, then the left and finally the center. Dash through the door before it closes.

Wall run around to the left and grab the shuriken. If you have good aim you can hit ithe guards below, otherwise just avoid them.

Grapple across the next gap and stop when you come to the alley with the spinning wheel. Wall run along the gate to the left of the wheel and you’ll come to a small area with The Hammers Gang Insignia.

Wall run back and this time go down the alley with the wheel. Up the top take out the 2 guards and 2shield guards before going through the unlocked door.

Ride the air current up to the next area. Dash through the rotating wheels, slide down the ramp and go through the rotating tunnel. Grab the shuriken on the wall run and hit the 3 buttons to open the door.

Once inside use the device to enter the Cybervoid.


This time you’ll need to solve a few puzzles. Look through the arch to see a hole in the wall and go through the spot with the hole.

Run down the corridor and up the stairs. Look out the window to see an invisible path across the gap. Come back down and take the path to the other side.

Go through the next arch and a jump boost will appear. Grab the spheres in the next room to open the door and go through.

Head along the bridge while collecting the spheres. At some point the bridge will fall away and you’ll drop down. Continue collecting the spheres until you can open the next door.

As you’re running forwards collecting the spheres for the next door they will run away from you. At this point turn around and you’ll be able to collect them. Head through the door and you’ll learn a new ability called Tempest.

When you’re done with the tempest tutorial go through the door to complete the level.

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