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Collectibles: 1

After the cutscene you’ll need to chase the other ghostrunner. Use the zipline and move the panel before you get to it. Zipline down to the ramp and slide down to the hover robot.

Get off to the right and jump boost over to the panel. Use the hover robot to reach another panel, quickly turn the next panel around so you can wall run and grapple up to the next panel.

Use the ziplines and hover robot to make it down to the rooftop. Wall run to the next rooftop and take out the 2 enemies.

Use the zipline to get up to the shuriken and use it to take out the hover robot, ninja and guard on the central platform. When the coast is clear go through the unlocked door.

Grab the next shuriken and use it to stop the fan. Grapple through and slide down the ramp while avoiding the gaps and rotating blades.

Along the way you’ll need to hit more buttons to stop the fans. Eventually a train will appear to your left. Grapple over to it and hop inside.

Head through the door and make your way along the train carts. Take out the 2 ninjas and guard, then head through the next door. On the left side you’ll find a collectible, the Counterfeit Access Card.

Go outside and grapple up to the zipline. It’ll take you to the roof of the train. Make your way forwards while avoiding the signs.

Drop down and take out the ninja and robot. Once again go around the side, enter the train and grapple up to the roof. You’ll have another section of avoiding the signs. This time you’ll have to jump over some of them.

When you drop down you’ll have a handful of enemies to take out. Using tempest here is a good option because they’re pretty close together. Go through the door to end the level.

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