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In Her Own Image

Collectibles: 0

Run forwards and press the button to open the door. You’ll see the other ghostrunner Hel jump boosting to the circular platform and you’ll meet her there.

Wait for her to attack and deflect her blows. You’ll need to deflect her attacks at the right time or you’ll be knocked back. A successful parry will reduce her blue stamina bar. Once her stamina is depleted you can strike at her once.

Each attack sequence is slightly different and you’ll need to wait a little longer than you expect before you parry. Repeat this four times and she’ll be defeated. You’ll then scan her head and enter the cybervoid.


When you enter the cybervoid you’ll be given a ranged attack called surge. Practice it on a few of the dummy enemies.

Finding the Exit

When you come back make your way towards the exit which should be shown on your screen with a yellow marker. Enter through the unlocked door and take the lift up to end the level.

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