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Collectibles: 3

Go through the unlocked door and make your way across the corridor with the molten blocks. You’ll find guards at a few of the ledges in between the blocks.

When you get past the fine line of moving blocks turn around and you’ll spot an alcove on one side. Jump/dash over to it for the collectible Food Ration.

Jump back and continue on your way through the next unlocked door. Take out the 4 guards standing on each of the corner platforms and head through the next door.

Grapple over to the ramp and slide down while jumping over the spinning blades.

Make your way through a tricky wall run section and then down another ramp. Grapple up to a third ramp and slide down to the unlocked door.

Go through, turn around and grapple up to the ledge above the door for Audiolog 3/7.

Head around the corner to a robot. Slide under the laser and take it out. Around the next corner you’ll find another robot. Use tempest to kill it quickly if you want, otherwise try to slide under it’s laser attack and strike it down.

Go through the door to another room with robots. Quickly run to the left and grapple up to the panels. When you reach the platform drop over the edge where the two small barriers have fallen over. You’ll find a collectible sword, the Venom TsuruGR.

Climb back up and grapple across to the large platform where you’ll face 3 robots. Use the hooks to grapple up and when you drop down slide under their laser attacks. Once you’ve kill them the door will unlock.

Go through the door and take the wall run to the left or the right. There’s a machine gunner on either side and a robot towards the back. Once you’ve killed them go through the door to the next level.

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