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Jacked Up

Collectibles: 4

After riding the lift up head forwards but watch out for the new enemy with a machine gun to your left. Wall run and use sensory boost to take him out. Then deal with another one around the corner.

Grapple to the conveyors and jump to the platform. Take a look behind the boxes at the end for a collectible, the sword Sentinal.

Grapple across the gap and then wall run to the next ledge. In the next room you have 3 guards and a machine gunner to deal with. Use the grappling hooks and wall runs to avoid their gun fire. Then climb up to the central platform and pull the switch. This will star another conveyor moving so you can grapple across to the platform leading out of this room.

Carefully make your way past the heat coils and head around to another large room with enemies on either side.

Use the grappling hooks to navigate around the room as you deal with the guards. If you get into trouble use blink to dash through bullets and enemies.

Once the room is clear swing over to the platform to the right of where you entered and look behind the junk for a collectible, the Chikara IV Implant.

Head through the green door and grapple up to a platform. Wall run across the gap and use the moving platforms to make your way across to the other side of the room.

Pull the switch to activate conveyors on the other side of the room and also spawn in some enemies. Ride up the conveyor and then jump on a moving platform and avoid the lasers along the way.

When you come out to a small room with horizontal laser search the platform between them Behind some barrels and boxes you’ll find the collectible, The Climbers Token.

Navigate your way across the platform, ride a box up and then take another platform along. Wall run across the steel containers as they descend and continue navigating your way through the room until you reach the unlocked door. Head through to the next room.

This room is quite difficult. I start by wall running to the right and taking out a guard. Head to the left to take out another guard and then towards the center of the room to kill the machine gunner.

Grapple up to the center platform to destroy the shield. Now you can carefully deal with the rest of the guards. When the room is clear take the conveyor up on the left side of the unlocked door. On a ledge above you’ll find a collectible, Shank.

Drop down and go through the unlocked door. Make your way across the walkway and up another conveyor. Use the moving platforms on the heat coils to head across the next walkway and continue up.

Once you reach the top head around the corner and go through the exit door. Ride the lift up to complete the level.

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