Ghostrunner is a hardcore action platformer in a futuristic cyberpunk world. You’ll be speedrunning your way up large structures and around cities while slashing your way past numerous enemies. The game features one-hit kill mechanics so you’ll need to move quickly to dodge bullets and enemy attacks.

You’ll make your way through 17 levels as you head towards the keymaster Mara. At some points you’ll enter in the Cybervoid to unlock new abilities. There are also collectibles in most of the levels.

To move a little faster around the levels you can slide and then jump. When you jump after sliding you keep some of your speed. Using a combination of slide/jump and dash will keep you moving the fastest.

Ghostrunner Walkthrough

Level 1: An Awakening
Level 2: A Look Inside
Level 3: The Climb
Level 4: Jacked Up
Level 5: Breathe In
Level 6: Road to Amida
Level 7: Run-Up
Level 8: The Gatekeeper
Level 9: Dharma City
Level 10: Echoes
Level 11: Faster
Level 12: In Her Own Image
Level 13: The Forbidden Zone
Level 14: Reign in Hell
Level 15: Things You Wouldn’t Believe
Level 16: The Summit
Level 17: The Monster