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The Prison

Nomes: 3
Statues: 2

When you wake up make your way to the right and light the first Lamp. Lighting the candles and lamps is not necessary to complete the game. Open the small hatch to the right and go through.

Crawl through the vent and drop down on the other side. Make your way up the long staircase and continue to the right. When you see a small alcove run up to grab Statue #1. Pick it up and throw it to break it.

Head under the door to the right into the next room and then climb onto the bed on the right and through the hole in the wall. In the next room drag the chair across to the door, climb onto it and then jump across to grab the door handle. The door will swing open.

Make your way to the right and open the fridge. A little Nome will run through the vent to the right. Follow it through the vent and light the Lamp in the room. Pick up Nome #1 for the collectible.

Make your way back through the vent and climb up the fridge. Head up the wooden ramp and then along the walkway to the right. Make sure you avoid the leeches that drop down from the pipes. They’ll kill you instantly if they get a hold of you.

In the next room climb onto the box and jump up to pull down the lever. This opens the door to the right. Go through and jump across the gap to the next room.

Pull open the board at the bottom of the door and run through to the right. At some point you’ll drop through the boards to a lower level.

Crawl out of the black muck and quickly run to the right. You’ll need to avoid more leeches along the way. Push open the door to the right and go through.

Jump over the gap in the walkway and light the Lamp on the other side.

Climb up the wooden ladder and walk across the board to the left. Head up the stairs and follow the wooden walkway to another set of stairs. Head up and take a jump across another gap to the left.

You should see a wheel that you can turn to open a door to the right. Turn it as far as it will go and then make a dash to the right to get under the door before it closes.

On the other side continue to the right and head through a small hole in the wall. As you continue to the right you’ll see the first boss, the Janitor, on a walkway above.

Climb up the rope and crawl through the opening at the top. Light the Lamp in the next room and head through the door.

Drag the box of toilet paper closer to the lever on the wall behind the door so you can climb onto it and jump up to grab the lever.

Quickly dash through the bars to the right and run through the next room. Squeeze through the bars on the other side before they become electrified.

Run along the corridor with the doors along the back and into the next room. Watch out for the light from the eye. You can only run when it’s not watching or you’ll be turned to a statue.

When you reach the other side climb up the boxes but take note of the Nome in the open cage on the right. Don’t go up to the walkway above, instead walk along the top of the boxes to the right and then through the open cage.

In the next room light the Lamp and grab Nome #2. Head back through the cage and climb up the boxes to the walkway above. Run all the way to the left and go through the open door to the bedroom. Pick up Statue #2 in the corner.

Now run all the way back to the right and through the open door which will close behind you. Quickly run to the bed and hide under it. When the Janitor walks past continue sneaking to the right.

In the next room climb up the cages and then run along the shelves to the hole in the wall. Crawl through the vent and drop down into the room on the other side. As you walk to the right Six will get hungry. Eventually someone on the other side of the bars will throw Six some food.

Grab the food and Six will eat it, then climb up the boxes and crawl through the hole in the bars. Continue all the way to the right, over the bridge to the electrified gate. Climb up the boxes and cages to the top.

Light the lamp and then jump across the gap to the dangling pile of boxes. Climb up the chain until you can jump over to a ledge on the right. Climb up the cages to another ledge with a Switch and Lever. Jump up to pull the Switch down. this lifts up the chain.

Pull the Lever to the right to move the boxes to the right. Then pull the Lever to the left and quickly jump on the boxes before they start moving to the left.

When you reach the other side climb up the chain and jump onto the platform to the left. Walk into the filing cabinet room to the left. The gate is electrified so you’ll need to pull out the drawers so you can climb up them to reach the Switch.

Pull out the lower left drawer all the way and climb on top of it. Pull out the drawer above it half way and climb on top of it so you can jump onto the top of the cabinets. Jump across to the right to grab the Switch and pull it down.

The Switch turn off all the power. Turn on your lighter and squeeze through the bars. Run past the hole in the wall and light the lamp. Just behind it is a Nome in a cage. Open the cage to release it.

He runs away into the cabinet room. Follow him past the bars and pick him up for Nome #3. You can find him in the corner to the left of the cabinets.

Go back into the previous room and push the Weight into the hole. Jump across to grab the loop in the rope and you’ll lower down to the floor below. Run to the right and this time you’ll need to avoid the Leeches in the shower room.

Continue across the bridge and through the bars which are no longer electrified. In the next room you’ll need to avoid the gaze of the eye. Use the boxes and the rolling janitor’s cart to hide as you make your way across.

Head to the right and onto another bridge. This one will split apart as you run across. Quickly jump across the gap and climb onto the box. From here you can climb onto the ledge on the other side.

Head into the next room and run to the right. Follow the Nomes through another door to complete the chapter.

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