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The Hideaway

Bottles: 5
Nomes: Lots

After the cut-scene follow the Nomes to the right. Some of the Nomes will escape through a crack in the door. Find the Nome hiding behind the small box and chase him towards the door. He’ll get stuck in the crack. Pull him out and pick him up for Nome #1.

Throw the Nome up to grab the door handle and go through. Throw the Nome over the crate and then throw it up to the handle to open the door.

Go through to the next room and push the box away from the crack in the wall. The Nome will help you.

Run through to the next room and pull open the last drawer. Nome #2 will run out. Follow him and pick him up. Throw the two Nomes up to the table and they’ll push the box onto the floor.

Climb onto the box so you can get up to the table. Open the cage to let out Nome #3 and pick him up.

Climb up the boxes on the left side of the table and go through the hole in the wall. In a hidden room with pictures on the wall you’ll find Bottle #1.

Drop down through the hole and head back through the crack in the wall to the room with the Nomes. Push open the door to the right and the three Nomes will help you.

Head up the stairs and into the next room with the coal. Continue to the right to the Furnace and climb up the bench to pull the Switch. Once the Furnace activates the three Nomes will get to work. You’ll need to find enough of them to get the Lift at the back working.

There are two sections to this chapter and I think you can do them in any order. Once the Nomes start working the ladder to the left will lower and the door to the right will open.

Left Side

We’ll clear out the area to the left first. Climb up the ladder and then climb up the second ladder to the third floor. Underneath the steps to the left you’ll find Bottle #2.

Walk up the steps in the room with the wooden floorboards and start jump on the loose boards. After about 3 jumps you’ll fall through the floor and the Janitor will come in.

Crawl to the left and climb up the hole in the boards. Run along the carpeted section into the next room and pull the Switch on the wall. This will turn on the power.

Use the carpeted section to run back to the previous room. The Janitor won’t hear you while you’re running on carpet. Push the Button to start the saw. Run back to the previous room and turn the wheel to open the hatch. You should have enough time to escape down the hatch while the Janitor is distracted.

When you drop down to the railway first head into the room to the right and climb onto the table. Jump up and down and the Nome above will copy you. Eventually he’ll fall off and the jar will break. Pick him up for Nome #4.

Head back to the left and use the Nome to lower down the ladder. Climb up and first go into the room to the left. Push the Button on the counter to see a series of camera feeds, including one with Six.

Go back to the right and jump across the coal cart. On the other side turn the wheel until the cart drops onto the floor below. Climb back around the boxes to the left side and climb down the ladder.

Push the cart to the left, climb onto the cart, then up onto the boxes and through the hole. You’ll be back for the Nome later. For now continue to the left.

Drop into the coal pit and chase down Nome #5. Throw him up to the platform on the right and then jump up yourself. Use the Nome to pull down the Switch to get the conveyor running.

Use the momentum from the conveyor to jump up to the handle and swing across to the other side. Climb onto the cart of coal and pull down the Switch to get this conveyor working.  Quickly grab Nome #6 as he walks out onto the conveyor. If he drops down to the pit you’ll have to chase him around like the first Nome.

Throw the Nome up to the platform on the right side and jump up behind him. Head to the right and use a Nome to pull down the Switch to open the door. The third Nome should be waiting for you here.

Grab the Cart and push it all the way to the left. Climb on top of it and jump up to the top of the shelves where you’ll find Bottle #3.

Carefully drop down and push the cart back to the right. You’ll need the three Nomes to help you push the Cart up the slope. Stop the cart in front of the shelving with the boxes and climb up.

Climb through the small hole in the wall on the right side, drop down into the next room and pull the Switch to open the door. Continue pushing the cart to the right. Eventually it will slide down and break through a door.

Follow the cart down and bring the Nomes to a closed hatch. The Nomes should stop and wait for you there.

Climb through the gap in the wall to the right and either climb down the ladder or use the loop to lower yourself down. Run into the room to the left, climb onto the stool and pull the handle to open the hatch. The three Nomes should fall down. Lead them to the furnace room so they can get to work.

Right Side

When you enter the room a Nome will hide in the hatch in the wall. Open it and catch him for Nome #7.

Nome #8 has his legs sticking out of a turned over cart. Pull him out and then lead both Nomes back to the furnace.

Head back to the right and climb up the ladder so you can drop into the next room. Pull the Switch on the wall to open the chute. The two light components will fall out but one of them is still working. Pick up the Light and place it back in the hole. You’ll need to find a second light to get the chute working.

Head through the gap under the door to the right but start sneaking as the Janitor is nearby. Sneak across the dark room while avoiding stepping on any coal.

Sneak around the Janitor to the next room and then sneak under the stairs for Bottle #4.

Sneak around so you can run up the stairs. The Janitor will notice you at this point but it’s too late. Jump across the hanging carts to the other side and climb over the box into the next room.

Open the first white cupboard and the third white cupboard. Pull out the stool and drag it in front of the first cupboard. Climb onto it so you can climb up the files.

Swing across the light to the other side and climb through the hole in the wall. Make your way through the vent and then jump across the gap to the climbable wall.

Climb down and then jump back to the left so you can climb into another vent. Drop down into the room below with the light components. Pull open the middle lower drawer and then the one above it. Climb up and then jump across to the shelf for the Light.

Drop down with the Light and use it to press the Button so you can open the door to the left. Grab the Light and sneak through the dark rooms while avoiding the Janitor.

Back in the room with the chute place the second Light component in the hole to get the chute working.

Enter the chute and it will take you up to the next level. Three Nomes will run out of the room. Follow them through the hole and start searching for them.

Two of the Nomes are in the top drawer of a tipped over filing cabinet. Nome #9 won’t run far away so he’s easy to grab. Nome #10 will run around the boxes in the middle of the room. You’ll need to climb onto the boxes so you can jump down and grab him.

Push the cart that’s rolling to the left and right further to the right side. You’ll use it later to grab the last Nome.

Climb onto the tipped over filing cabinet and onto the table. Climb onto the small drawers and make your way up to the top left. Step onto the ledge and run along to the left for Bottle #5.

Run back to the right and climb onto the small drawers. Now make your way down to the bottom right so you can drop onto the rolling cart.

From here you can jump across to the table to grab Nome #11.

Drop down and run back to the left. Throw the three Nomes up to the handle. When all three are hanging from it the door to the left will open just enough so you can push the box under it to keep it open.

Grab the Nomes and throw them into the chute. Enter the chute with them and you’ll be taken back down to the lower level.

Throw a Nome up to the Switch to open the door to the left and lead the Nomes to the furnace. There should be enough Nomes now to get the lift at the back working. Jump onto the lift and ride it up.

The Nome Hideaway

Jump off the lift at the top before you’re tipped into another furnace. Head to the right and follow the Nome through the crack in the wall.

In the next room wait for the Nomes to move aside the suitcase. Follow them through the crack in the wall to their hideaway.

Climb up the box on the right and then up to the table. Crawl through the crack in the wall and continue to the right. You’ll drop onto the top of a lift at which point the chapter will end.

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