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The Kitchen

Nomes: 3
Statues: 3

Crawl through the vent to the right and climb up the ladder. Jump up to grab a hook and ride it all the way into another room before dropping down. Along the way you’ll spot a cook having a smoke in the distance.

As you walk to the right Six will start to get hungry again. This time you’ll see some rats. One of them will get caught in a trap. Walk up to it and grab it.

Climb up the carts and drop down into the next room. Climb up the cart at the back and push over the lid so you can use it like a ramp to get over to the next cart.

Drop down to the floor on the other side but don’t go up the steps. Instead turn around and drop down the hole in the floor between the carts.

Crawl through the vent to a small room with some kind of altar to the lady. Climb onto the table and break Statue #1.

Climb up the ladder which takes you back to the steps. Go through the doors to the right and push the cart closer to the window on the right so you can climb through to the kitchen.

Sneak through to the next room where one of the Chefs is carving meat. Sneak past behind him into the next room. As you walk down the steps the Nomes will draw attention to themselves. Quickly run under the small table and wait there for the Chef to walk away.

Sneak over to the next table and then up the stairs. Climb up the shelves in the corner and light the Lamp.

Jump across to the beams and carefully make your way across them to the left. Climb up the cages and in through the hole to the bathroom.

Climb onto the toilets so you can jump across to the shelf. Light the Candle and then drop back down.

Head through the door to the left and continue down the hall through the next door to the bedroom. Climb up onto the shelf and grab the Key. Swing on it until it falls off the hook.

When the key falls off and makes a noise quickly hide under the bed. The second Chef will wake up, turn on the light and walk out.

Pick up the Key and follow the Chef out to the hallway. Drop the Key by the lift but don’t go down yet. Instead run across to the bathroom to the right and pick up the little Nome #1 hiding there.

Head back to the hallway and take the lift down to the next level. Make sure you bring the Key with you.

Place the Key down and walk into the store room to the left. Pick up the jiggling brown jar and smash it to find Nome #2.

This will alert the Chef so hide under the shelf until he goes away. Follow the Chef back to the kitchen and sneak past him again. This time use the Key to unlock the door to the far right and go through.

Climb up onto the counter to the right and crawl through the small window. Now in the room where the sausages are made crawl under the table to find Nome #3.

Climb onto the table and use the dumbwaiter. It will lift you up to the meat room. Drag the piece of meat from the bench and place it on the hatch. Climb through the small hole to the room to the right. You’ll find a Lamp and Statue #2.

Crawl back to the meat room and climb up the shelving. Jump across to the hook and then to the meat dangling on the hook. Hold onto it and it will slide off. Drag this one onto the hatch as well. There should be three pieces of meat on the hatch.

Take the dumbwaiter back down to the sausage making room. Climb onto the table, pull the handle to open the hatch and then turn the wheel to make sausages. Once you’ve made three of them you can swing from them to the hole in the hole.

Crawl through the vent to the next room and head out to the lift. Pull the Lever down to lower down the lift but quickly run back to the next room and hide in the box. The Chef will take the lift down to find some cheese.

When he walks away take the lift up to the kitchen area. The Chef will hear you and chase after you. Quickly climb into the hole in the wall to the right.

Wait for the Chef to take the lift up and go back into the kitchen. Follow the Chef into the kitchen and sneak around the back, under the counters to the left side. You’ll notice a Key on the center table.

Crawl through the hole to the room to the left and press the Button to start the grinder. The Chef will be alerted and run into the room. Quickly run through the hold and climb up onto the table so you can pick up the Key.

Run with the key back to the lift and take it down. Use the Key to open the door to the right and go through.

Hide under the blue container until the Chef walks out through the door to the left. Climb on top of the container to open the chute to the left and then climb into it. You’ll drop down to the garbage room.

In the bottom left corner you’ll find Statue #3. Smash it and then climb up the right wall. Crawl through the vent under the floor. The Chefs are doing the dishes up above.

Poke your head up through the broken drain in front of them to get there attention and then drop down again.

They will run around trying to look for you and then wander off somewhere else. This will give you a chance to climb onto the central table and up the dishes.

Grab a hook and ride it all the way through the hole in the hole to the room to the left. If you’re not worried about lighting all the lamps you an skip this step.

Drop back down and take the chute to the garbage room and climb into the drain under the kitchen again.

Crawl through and pop out through the broken drain to the dishwashing room. This time run or sneak across to the right. In the next room climb onto the counter so you can pull the Lever to the right. The hooks will start moving to the right.

Quickly hide under the counters until the Chef goes away. Sneak into the dishwashing room and climb up the central table. Climb up the dishes and grab onto a hook. This time it will take you to the right.

Drop down onto the pile of dishes before the other Chef catches you and run as fast as you can to the right.

Slide under a table and make a series of jumps so you can jump up to grab another hook before the Chefs catch up.

Hold onto the hook until you get dropped off on a pipe. Crawl through the crack in the wall to the right to end the chapter.

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