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The Lair

Nomes: 3
Statues: 2

Run up the long flight of stairs to the right to the first landing. Go through the open door to some kind of office. Climb onto the chair and onto the desk to light the Lamp. Drop back down and drag the Chair onto the tile which is a pressure plate. This opens the door behind the door to the right.

Do a lap around the locker that’s been knocked over to scare away the Nome. Chase the Nome back through the office and up the stairs to the next landing where you can grab him for Nome #1.

Climb up the next long set of stairs, then climb onto the box and through the window. Pull the suitcase closer to the Switch so you can jump from the suitcase to pull down the Switch. This will lower the bed.

Jump onto the bed and climb up the small drawers all the way to the top. Climb up to the top of the shelf to the left and then jump across to the lower set of drawers. Jump up to grab the shelf on the left where you’ll find Statue #1.

Drop down to the drawers and then onto the table with the Key. Pick up the Key and throw it off the edge. Drop down to the bed and then the floor.

Push open the wall to the right and then take the Key through to the next room. Throw the key onto the raised floor by the door and use it to open the door.

Go through to the next room and pick up the Monkey. Throw it at the Button on the wall to call the lift. Take the Monkey with you into the lift and hit the Button on the other side to lower the lift.

Head out through the door to the left and as you run along Six will start to get hungry again. Along the way you’ll pass by a lamp that you can light.

Continue to the left until you find some food left in a cage. When you get close the rats will get scared away. Grab the food and start eating it. You’ll get caught by the Janitor and taken to a room with other cages.

When you can move again run against the cage to the left and right until it falls over and you can crawl out. Squeeze past the door to the left to light another lamp.

Go back inside and pull the last cage on the right over to the dangling handle. Climb onto the cage and jump up to grab the handle. When you grab it the door to the right will open.

Swing on the handle until you have enough momentum to jump close to the door. Quickly run through before it closes.

Immediately climb up the other side of the door through a hole. There is a candle you can light up here.

Crawl through the small hole in the wall to the right to the next room. Crawl to the right until you see the Janitor. To get past him you’ll need to follow these steps.

He won’t hear you when you’re walking on the carpet. Take a running jump from the carpet towards the next piece of carpet. Don’t move! The Janitor will turn around when he hears you but will walk off to the right.

Jump onto the carpet to the right. Crawl across the cages and then jump to the next piece of carpet. If the Janitor hears you quickly run through the small hole. If the Janitor comes into the next room go back through the hole and back again into the next room.

Pick up the handle and attach it to the triangular point on the wooden pylon. Turn it around to open the hatch and then jump down before the Janitor notices.

After falling down crawl through the vent to the right. When you get to the little room light the lamp and climb up the ladder on the wall.

Follow the Nome through the vent into a small room where you can pick him up for Nome #2.

Drop down the hatch and continue to the right until you fall down into a large room filled with shoes.

Take a running jump as far as you can from the suitcase and continue to the right. A creature will start chasing you but you have plenty of time. Climb onto the next suitcase and continue jumping from the suitcases until you make it to the other side of the room.

Head through the door into the next room and run up the stairs. The Janitor will start chasing you so keep on running. Once you get through the door into the lift hide in the little box. You’ll ride the lift up with the Janitor.

Exit through the door to the right and then push the box of blocks to the left. It will reveal a loose floorboard. Drop down on the right side of the floorboard to end up underneath the floor.

Head to the right and then go towards the back to find Statue #2.

Head back the way you came and climb up the wooden slats to a toy room. Pick up the monkey and throw it into the room. When the Janitor walks into the room go through the small hole to the next room and climb up the drawers to the top.

Push aside the box and go through another hole to a vent. Climb up the ladder and make your way through the vent to a large room with clocks.

Push open the door to the right. Run quickly to the right while staying towards the front of the room. Slide when the Janitor drops down and then crawl along behind him to pick up a shoe.

Use the Shoe to hit the Button and then run through the door. Quickly run along the corridor to a room with stacks of books.

Look under the desk to the right to find a Nome. It will run past you and hide behind the first stack of books where you can pick him up for Nome #3.

Climb onto the desk to the right and then up the bookshelf. Light the Candle up the top and then jump across to the hanging piano. Jump across to the bookshelf to the left and continue climbing up to the top.

The Janitor will drop down so carefully sneak along behind him to the corridor. Climb up the stack of books to the shelves. If you want to get all the Lamps/Candles climb up to the higher shelf and light the Candle.

Crawl along the shelves to the left, trying not to knock anything off to alert the Janitor. Drop down on the other side and crawl up the pile of books so you can go through the hole into the TV Room.

Turn on the TV to alert the Janitor and then pick up the Handle and wait by the door. Don’t move until the Janitor is listening closely to the TV.

Now you can run down the corridor with the Handle. Along the way you can stop to light a Candle if you want.

Take the Handle back to the wooden pillar and insert it into the triangular connection. Turn the handle to lift up the piano and then jump across to it. Jump across to the far side and light one more candle.

Go through the hole in the wall to a room with a cart. Pull the cart along and then push it onto the air vent. Jump across to the other side and continue pulling the cart to the right. Climb onto it and then jump across to grab the door handle.

Go through but watch out for the drop on the other side. Make your way around the walkway and into another vent. Light a Lamp and then crawl past the Janitor’s hands after he tries to catch a rat. You’ll need to wait for the Janitor to grab onto a pipe before you can crawl past him.

In the next room RUN!

The Janitor will chase after you but you’ll have just enough time to slide under a door before it closes.

Climb onto the cages and wait for the Janitor’s arms to be stretched out. Jump in between them and pull off one of the corners of the cage holding the door up.

You’ll need to do this for both corners. The Janitors arms will get caught under the door and you’ll be free. Climb onto the cages and then through the hole in the wall.

Continue to the right until the screen fades to black. This is the end of Chapter 2.

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