At the beginning of the Chapter, Triss (#1) will give you the Letter of Safe Conduct which initiates this quest. It will span the entire chapter but nothing more will happen until you leave the New Narakort Inn (#2) at the end of A Posh Reception.

When you head outside there’ll be a confrontation between Count de Wett and Thaler. Count de Wett is claiming that the King ordered Thaler to be removed from his position and Thaler claims that the edict is false. Supporting Count de Wett will mean killing Thaler. If you protect Thaler then he’ll tell you about how the royal edicts are being faked by an unknown source.

During the Lock and Key quest you’ll spy on some Salamandra speaking to someone through a magic mirror. Pick up the Seeing Stone here and take it back to Triss. She’ll figure out where the second mirror is located. Make your way to that location (#3) and you’ll find King Radovid from Redania hiding in a house. He’ll give you some more information about Triss and Princess Adda.

At the end of The Unforgiven, you’ll find out that Princess Adda was using the Salamandra and the quest will end as you’re teleported away to the Lakeside for Chapter 4.

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