The Medic in Distress quest is initiated once you speak with the Nurse standing outside St. Lebioda’s Hospital (#1). She will only be there between noon and 1pm and will only appear after you’ve started the Following the Thread quest.

Speak to the Nurse to find out she’s worried about her Grandma who’s been behaving strangely. She asks you to go and check on here and will add the Granny’s House┬ámap marker to your map which is in Merchants Alley.

If you try to visit Granny during the day she’ll kick you out of her house so come back at night after 9pm. Go downstairs to find a Fleder hiding in the basement. Kill the beast and then head back upstairs. Granny will be quite upset about you having killed her ‘son’ and throws you out.

Return to the Nurse by the hospital around the same time as before. The Nurse will tell you that Granny is back to her old self now that the evil influence is gone. She’ll reward you with 50 Orens.

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