Speak with Leuvaarden after the reception to find out that his organization is hunting down the Salamandra. They have pinpointed two locations, one in the Swamp and the other in the Temple Quarter. You are to seek them both out and bring back any documents or items of interest. Leuvaarden will tell you to go and see Jethro in the Prison.

Talk to Jethro who will tell you about a drug dealer named Angus, he can be found outside the Hairy Bear Inn around noon. Head over to the Inn and approach Angus. He’s suspicious and will ask who sent you. If you tell him ‘Kalkstein’ he’ll agree to give you a Letter of Recommendation for 1,500 Orens which will give you access to the Fisstech Lab in the sewers. If you tell him anyone else he’ll run away and you’ll have to follow him and kill him. Search his body for the letter and also a Key and Signet Ring.

The letter will have a clue about the password to get into the Fisstech Lab. That it is something like “th..n”. If you speak with the Innkeeper at the New Narakort Inn you can bribe him for the password which is ‘Thorn’.

To find the secret laboratory you’ll need to enter the Sewers under the Temple Quarter. The Salamandra hideout is to the northern side and is protected by 2 Thugs. You can give them the password to gain access and when you’re let inside the Salamandra won’t attack you. If you get the password wrong you’ll need to fight your way through the entire base.

If you entered the base peacefully then you’ll find a lab in one of the back rooms with a Chief Chemist. Talk to him and he’ll give you the Petri’s Philter Formula. A Chest in the lab here contains and Encrypted Document with a few other goodies.

Make your way to the eastern side of the base and in a container you’ll find the Letter from Gellert Bleinheim. Once you pick up this letter all of the Salamandra will turn hostile so you’ll have to fight your way out if you haven’t killed them already.

When you leave the Salamandra hideout Jethro will be waiting for you. Let him know about the letter you found to complete the quest.

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