Siegfried will give you this quest when you first meet him in the Temple Quarter in the Cloister (#1). He mentions that people have been disappearing from the Cemetery and he wants you to go check it out. It sounds like a job for a Witcher.

Make your way to the Cemetery and then go to the center. You’ll meet a ghoul called Vetala who’s currently munching on a corpse. Talk to him and if you listen to him he’ll claim the Scoia’tael are digging up corpses and killing people near the Crypt in the Cemetery. You can either believe him or kill him.

Run over to the Crypt to find a small Scoia’tael camp. They have imprisoned people in the Crypt. If you attack the Scoia’tael you may not have time to rescue the prisoners. If you let the Scoia’tael go then they’ll flee and you may not catch them again.

If you let the Scoia’tael go then enter the Crypt to find 5 Ghouls and Alghouls getting ready to eat a number of prisoners. Kill them all and then return to Siegfried to let him know what happened. He’ll reward you with 400 Orens and 4,500 experience points. If you attack the Scoia’tael and ignore the prisoners then Siegfriend won’t reward you with any Orens.

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