The Hermit in or around the huts near the southern edge of the Fields will initiate this quest once you ask him for work. He’ll either be working in the yard or inside his house (#1). The Hermit will give you all kinds of information about the Holy Grail and the Lady of the Lake.

When asked about work he’ll tell you that the King of the Wild Hunt and his Spectres/Wraiths have invaded the nearby Druid’s Circle (#2) in order to try and lure the Knights who are buried there. He tells you that you must place Mandrake Root on the fire in the Druid’s Circle to drive the Spectres out. Search the Barrows next to the hut to find the Mandrake Root.

At night approach the Druid’s Circle and place the Mandrake Root on the fire. The King of the Wild Hunt will arrive with 3 of his Wraiths. Once you kill the 3 Wraiths another 3 will appear. Once you have killed 9 of them the King of the Wild Hunt will be driven off.

When you return to the Hermit he’ll offer you a reward, either your very own Hut, the book of Vampires: Facts and Myths or the Wreath of Immortelles. The Hut is a waste of time and only contains a Rattle Talisman for warding off Giant Centipedes. The book may be useful if you haven’t learnt about Vampires already and the Wreath can be used in The Heat of Day Quest to rescue one of the Nightwraiths.

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