The first time you enter the Murky Waters area you’ll be met by Dandelion (#1) who’ll tell you that Triss teleported him over as well. He also mentions that Alvin is currently in the village and is staying with Alina. This quest remains throughout the entire chapter until Alvin teleports away again at the end.

Head into the village and speak with Alina who’ll tell you that Alvin is staying with her and her fiancĂ©e Julian. Talk with Alvin an he’ll tell you that he likes the village and mentions a game called “kill the elf”.

Go to the Country Inn (#2) and speak with Julian. As you approach you’ll see him having a discussion with Celina. It seems the three of them are involved in a love triangle.

Enter the inn and Dandelion will give you a Dimetrium Amulet that you’re to give Alvin to help him be more stable with special gifts. Alvin is no longer at Alina’s house as he’s walked off. If you sent Alvin to live with Triss you’ll find him at the Ruins (#3) with the Gambling Ghost. If you sent Alvin to Shani then you’ll find him in the Fields (#4).

If Alvin is with the Gambling Ghost you’ll need to either win a game of poker to get Alvin back or kill the ghost. Once you find Alvin give him the amulet and he’ll tell you about the visions he’s been having.

The Alvin quest will continue to update but only after completing other quests so you don’t need to worry about. The other quests include Ripples when Alvin tells you he wants to be a Witcher, The Heat of Day and Free Elves.

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