Free Elves is the final quest of Chapter 4 once you receive the sword Aerondight from the Lady of the Lake. Once you head back to the Lakeside you’ll run into White Rayla. She’s leading a group of Knights from the Order to flush out the Scoia’tael who have taken over Murky Waters. She’ll give you a chance to meet with the Elves in order to convince them to give up peacefully.

As you close in on Murky Waters Dandelion will approach you and tell you that Alvin is one of the villagers who have been taken hostage. You’ll make a plan to speak with the Elves while Dandelion hides behind Celina’s House.

Enter the village and speak with Toruviel and Alvin. You may want to speak with them a couple, as well as a few of the other characters wandering around.

Once you speak with Dandelion it will be the last chance you’ll have to side with either the Order or the Scoia’tael. You can also take the neutral path here once and for all by agreeing to grab Alvin and leave the two sides fighting by themselves.

Once you make your decision the Order and Scoia’tael battle will begin. Alvin will teleport out of there by himself. After either staying and fighting or fleeing make your way to the Fisher King’s boat. Dandelion will be waiting there for you. Hop into the boat to end the quest and the chapter.

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