The Paths of Destiny will trigger once you meet Berengar in the Lakeside Crypt. You’ll assist him as he fights his way through a variety of creatures including Bruxae, Alps and a Wraith.

Once you’ve cleared out the Crypt Berengar will stay by the campfire just outside the Crypt. You’ll be able to talk to him there and he’ll even give you some advice about your fighting style.

Berengar will remain in place throughout most of the chapter. After speaking with the Lady of the Lake about destiny come back and speak to Berengar again. He’ll admit that he’s been working with the Salamandra. Head back to the Lady of the Lake and update her on Berengar’s information. She’ll tell you that you must fulfil your destiny and will give you the Aerondight Sword once you complete The Heat of Day quest.

As you’re about to leave Black Tern Island Berengar will confront you once more. You can kill him or let him go. If you kill him you can pick up Berengar’s Medallion which will help you in the last fight of the game. If you let him live he’ll return in Chapter 5 to help you out with a fight.

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