After arriving on the Lakeside you’ll find a beautiful Naiad (#1) walking around. She’s a friendly lady but is upset about losing her precious necklace which was given to her by the Lady of the Lake. She tells you it was stolen by a Drowner known as Zephyr.

Once you’ve accepted the quest to find the necklace the Naiad can be found near the Circle of Waning Magic (#2).

Zephyr can’t be confronted directly. Instead you’ll need to kill a number of Drowners in three different locations at night to lure him out. The first is just to the west of the Fisher King’s Hut (#3). You’ll need to kill 4 or so Drowners until the quest updates.

The second location is on Black Tern Island. You should run into them just as you step onto the island at night after taking the boat trip over. You can use the Fisher King’s boat to take the journey to Black Tern Island.

The third location is along the riverbank just to the south of the Murky Waters village. Once you’ve cleared out the Drowners Zephyr should appear. Kill him and search the body to find the Turquoise Necklace. Bring it back to the Naiad (#2) for your reward.

The Naiad will give you a choice of 3 rewards, a book ‘A Description of the Vodyanoi or the Fishpeople‘, an Earth Rune or the offer of free healing whenever you visit the Naiad. You’ll also get a Red Ribbon which when worn will repel Drowners.

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