Command and Conquer WalkthroughCommand and Conquer is a real time strategy game produced by Westwood Studios and released in 1995. It features full motion video cutscenes that have been a hallmark of the series and is considered one of the classic RTS games of all time.

The basic strategy in C&C is to build a base, gather resources and then send out your forces to annihilate the opposition. Although each mission is slightly different and will have its own objectives.

There are two campaigns to choose from, the GDI (Global Defence Initiative), or the Brotherhood of NOD.

Command & Conquer Walkthrough

Global Defense Initiative (GDI)

Mission 1: Capture the Beachhead

Mission 2: Knock Out the Refinery

Mission 3: Destroy the SAM Sites

Mission 4: Take Bialystock or Get the Rods Back

Mission 5: Repair the GDI Base (Germany & Ukraine)

Mission 6: Infiltrate NOD Base

Mission 7: Finish the NOD Base

Mission 8: Restore GDI Presence Near Salzburg or Protect Mobius in Bratislava

Mission 9: Secure the Danube

Mission 10: Field Test the Orca

Mission 11: Evacuate Delphi

Mission 12: Evacuate Mobius

Mission 13: Level the Bio-Research Lab

Mission 14: Fish in a Barrel

Mission 15: Destroy the Bastard

Nod Brotherhood

Mission 1: Nikoomba’s Demise

Mission 2: Invasion of Egypt

Mission 3: Prisonbreak

Mission 4: Blight on Oum Hadjer or Mao Civil War

Mission 5: Warthog Hunt

Mission 6: Steal the Detonator

Mission 7: Sick and Dying or Orca Theft

Mission 8: Battle for Zaire

Mission 9: Reinforce Egypt

Mission 10: Terminate Doctor Wong or Destroy the Mammoth Tank Facility

Mission 11: Recapture the Ezekiel’s Wheel

Mission 12: Secure Ion Cannon Security Codes

Mission 13: Cradle of my Temple

Westwood Studios was a game developer that became famous for such games as Battletech: The Crescent Hawks Inception, the Eye of the Beholder series, Lands of Lore and Dune II. It’s the last game, Dune II, that inspired Westwood Studios to create Command & Conquer. They wanted a RTS game similar in style to Dune II but were sick of endless desert. They create Command and Conquer, a game along the same theme but focused more on epic battles such as those fought in the Gulf War.

The Command & Conquer series was an immediate success and since its release it has spawned many sequels and offshoots. In 1996 Westwood released Red Alert, which is a prequel to Command and Conquer.