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Burial Glen

Grave Mists roam the Burial Glen but luckily are fairly easy to deal with. They do little damage but can gather in groups of up to eight. From the moment you arrive in this location you’ll be attacked so be on your guard. You can find some armor and a few weapons if you haven’t collected any from the previous games. There are two exits here, one goes up to the Warrior’s Tomb and the other to the Forest Trail. You’ll have to cut your way through some of the trees to find the Forest Trail.

1) The Mysterious Stranger teleports you to this location at the beginning of the game.

2) Hack through the trees to find Chain Mail +2, a Long Bow and eight Arrows +1 on the ground.

3) An Axe +2, Plate Mail, Chain Mail, Mace +2, Robe, two Daggers, three Potions of Healing and four Food Packs.

4) Hack through the trees to find a Wand of Magic Missiles and a Wand of Fireballs.

5) Entrance to the Warrior’s Tomb.

6) Entrance to the Forest Trail.

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