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Temple Quarter Ruins

T) Trolls.

W) Wyverns.

1) Entrance from Guildhall Quarter Ruins.

2) A niche in the wall to the north holds a Diamond and a collection of Mage and Cleric Scrolls. The mage scrolls are True Seeing, Acid Storm, Finger of Death, Power Word Stun and Mordenkainen’s Sword. The cleric scrolls are Slow Poison, Prayer, Neutralize Poison, Aid and Create Food and Water.

3) A Polearm +3 called “Zymoks” and a Wand of Fear.

4) Father Jon is here and offers to join your party. He’s a half-elf level 10/10 Cleric/Mage. Both his Wisdom and Intelligence are 16.

5) The niche in the west wall has a Dagger +3 and three Cleric Scrolls, Cause Critical Wounds, Neutralize Poison and Sol’s Searing Orb.

6) The niche in the east wall has a Dagger +3 and three Cleric Scrolls of Healing.

7) Place a Crystal Key in the keyhole on the east wall and the crystal door to the north will disappear. The writing on the west wall reads “Ice Chambers”.

8) “Ice, coveted Ice!” is written on the wall.

9) Place a Diamond in the niche and your party will be teleported to location 10.

10) The next puzzle requires the Wand of Fear. Place it in the niche and you’ll be teleported to location 13.

11) The clue on the wall reads “Do you fear for your child?”

12) This teleporter takes you back to location 9.

13) The party arrives here when you place the right item in the niche at location 10.

14) “Choose wisely.” is written on the south wall. As a reward for getting the puzzle correct you can choose the items from one of the niches.

15A-C) The niches in the wall contain a number of items. You can select one niche and then a force field will block up the other ones. Use a Dispell Magic spell to get access to the other niches. Niche 15A has Bracers +2, 15B has three Wands of Cone of Cold and 15C has two Necklaces of Fireballs.

16) These teleporters transport the party back to location 9

17) Once you’ve finished in the Mages’ Guild you’ll be teleported neaar here. The wall will crumble giving you access to the Temple of Lathandar.

18) When you’ve finished the Mages’ Guild you’ll be teleported here from Mages’ Guild Level 3 location 42.

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