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Guildhall Quarter Ruins

The Guildhall Quarter seems to be overrun with Chimeras and cackling Hags. The Chimeras can breath fireballs at you and bite you with a melee attack from their side heads. They’re a foe you’ll want to slay quickly. The Hags are weak but do have a 35% chance to resist magic attacks. From here you can make your way to either the Mage’s Guild or the Temple Quarter Ruins.

C) Chimeras.

H) Hags.

1) Entrance to the Guildhall Quarter Ruins. The path back takes you to the Forest Trail.

2) This is where you arrive from the Forest Trail.

3) A force field covers the niche in the wall. Cast Dispel Magic to remove it. In the niche you’ll find a Crystal Key, a Ring of Fire Resistance, a Mage Scroll of Hold Undead, two Hold Person Scrolls and a Scroll of Protection from Paralysis. On the ground is Frostbite, a magical Shortsword +3.

4) Four apple trees bear fruit in this clearing. If you pick any of the fruit the stone Chimera comes to life and attacks.

5) Entrance to the Mages’ Guild.

6) A Helm of Underwater Breathing, Plate Mail +3, Plate Mail -2, a Mace +2, Mace -3 and a Shield.

7) The Chimera near here drops a Ring of Featherfalling when killed.

8) Entrance to the Temple Quarter Ruins.

9) A Blessed Holy Symbol which gives the Cleric holding it one extra spell per level, a Throwing Hammer +3 that returns when thrown, Shield +3 and Splintmail.

10) The niche contains a Cleric Scrolls of Cure Light Wounds and two Cure Serious Wounds as well as a Mage Scrolls of Hold Undead, Flesh to Stone and Hold Monster.

11) It’s here you’ll find Rex, a Saurial Male. He’s a 9th level Cleric with fairly high Strength and decent Hit Points.

12) More Mages Scrolls are here. They include Slow, Water Breathing, Remove Curse, Improved Invisibility and Invisibility 10′ Radius.

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