Eye of the Beholder 3: Assault on Myth Drannor is the third game in the series and takes place just after the heroes victory over Dran Draggore in the Temple Darkmoon. A mysterious man enters the tavern where the heroes are resting and pleads with them to go to Myth Drannor and rescue the town from an evil Lich. He then teleports the party immediately to Myth Drannor.

Eye of the Beholder 3 was developed by Westwood and not SSI who made the first two games. It’s generally regarded as not being as good as the previous games in the series but it does add some nice gameplay elements such as the “All Attack” button. You can also attack with polearms from the second row.

Characters can be imported from Eye of the Beholder 2. Only the four characters from the front and middle rows will be imported so make sure you place the party members in the right order in Eye of the Beholder 2 before saving your game.

Eye of the Beholder 3 Walkthrough

Burial Glen
Warriors Tomb Level 1
Warriors Tomb Level 2
Forest Trail
Guildhall Quarter Ruins
Mages’ Guild Level 1
Mages’ Guild Level 2
Mages’ Guild Level 3
Mages’ Guild Level 4
Temple Quarter Ruins
Temple of Lathander Level 1
Temple of Lathander Level 2
Temple of Lathander Level 3
Temple of Lathander Level 4


Eye of the Beholder 3: Assault on Myth Drannor was published by Westwood for DOS in 1993. It can still be run on modern PCs by running it through DOSBox or using the GOG version. If you like dungeon crawlers make sure you check the earlier games Eye of the Beholder and Eye of the Beholder 2: The Legend of Darkmoon.