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Mages’ Guild Level 1

Watchghosts and Ogre Slugs inhabit the first level of the Mages’ Guild. Ogre Slugs take half damage from blunt weapons so use edged weapons to fight them. They have no magic resistance. Watchghosts can cast a Chill Ray so get ready to dodge out of the way. To get past this level you’ll need to make it past the teleporter maze.

1) Door back to Guildhall Quarter Ruins.

2) From here you can choose to go through one of three teleporters.

3A-B) Pressing the Button at 3A opens the door at 3B.

4A-B) The niche at 4A contains the book “The Seasons of Elementals” which gives you a clue to completing the teleporter puzzle at 8A-J. The niche at 4B contains the book of Trobriand.

5) If you fail the teleporter puzzle a Watch Ghost will appear here.

6A-D) Plaques on the wall describe which teleporter you’re going through. From 6A to D they are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

7A-D) The wall hangings describe the next set of teleporters. From 7A to D they are Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter.

8A-J) You must enter all the teleporters in the right order to make it to level 2 of the Mages’ Guild. I start from Spring although I think you can start with any season. The Book of Elemental Seasons tells you which season is associated with which element.

Spring –> Water
Summer –> Fire
Autumn  –> Air
Winter –> Earth

The last teleporter will take you to Mages’ Guild Level 2 location 1.

9) Pressing the Secret Button opens the wall.

10) In the niche you’ll find a Scrying Glass which can be used to identify items.

11) The niche to the north has Mage Scrolls of Death Spell, Hold Monster and Cone of Cold. The niche to the south has Mage Scrolls of Stone to Flesh, Flesh to Stone and Disintegrate.

12A) A Potion of Extra Healing.

12B) A Cloak of Protection +3.

13) A Potion of Giant Strength.

14) Rations.

15A-B) Pressing the Secret Buttons on the north and south walls opens the passage to the east.

16A) This niche holds the Ring of Trobriand, a Wand of Fireballs and a Necklace of Magic Missiles.

16B) A Parchment is in this niche and describes the vow of Acwellan to guard Myth Drannor from evil.

17) A Ring of Protection +3.

18A-B to 21A-B) The teleporters at A take you to B of the corresponding number.

22A-B to 26A-B) The stairs at A take you to B of the corresponding number.

27) Ogre Slugs.

28) Watchghosts.

29) Destination of the teleporter at Mages’ Guild Level 4 location 20.

30) Mage Scroll of Wall of Force.

31) This teleporter takes you to Mages’ Guild Level 4 just north of location 20.

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