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Forest Trail

To make it to the city of Myth Drannor you must first navigate through the Forest Trail. The path to the Guildhall Quarters is in the south-west corner of the forest. Along the forest trail you’ll encounter Minotaurs and Feyrs. The Minotaurs are fairly tough but can fall to both melee and magic attacks. Feyrs are far more tricky. They’re invisible until they attack so cast True Seeing so you can spot them. They’re also partially resistant to magic and have a lot of hit points. Use multiple melee attacks to take them down.

F) Feyrs (Locations aren’t exact).

M) Minotaurs (Locations aren’t exact).

1) Path back to Burial Glen.

2A-B) The trail wraps around form north to south here.

3) An Everburning Torch. Wave this in front of movable trees to clear the path. You can also use the Medallion of Friendship from the Warriors Tomb Level 2.

4) You’ll find Delmair Rallyhorn waiting here. He’s an 11th level Ranger with high Strength and Dexterity. Delmair is a were-tiger, meaning he’ll turn into a tiger when damaged. This is generally a good thing as he has two powerful claw attacks while in tiger form.

5A-B) The trail wraps around from east to west in this location.

6) On the ground you’ll find Chain Mail +4, a Long Sword +3, a Bow and six Arrows +2.

7A-B) The trail wraps around the map east to west in this location.

8) Six Arrows and nine Rations.

9) A Plate Mail +2, Two-Handed Sword +3, a Wand of Cone of Cold and a Necklace of Adornment.

10) A Ring of Wizardry which allows Mages to cast extra spells, a Wand of Magic Missiles, Gauntlets of Fire Giant Strength, Leather Armor +3 and Thieves’ Tools.

11) A Cloak of Protection.

12) When you reach this clearing you’ll be approached by a Sage who claims to be a protector of the forest. He’ll tell you about the history of Myth Drannor and then ask you a question to test you. Pick someone from your party to take the test. Depending on who you pick the answer will be different. Fighters and Rangers should choose the Book of Daring Deeds. Paladins and Clerics should choose the Book of Exalted Deeds. Mages should choose the Book of Arcane Deeds and Thieves should choose the book of Adroit Deeds.

13) Once you pass the Sage’s test these forest paths will be opened.

14) Path to the Guildhall Quarter Ruins.

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