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The Elixir of Life campaign focuses on the training of the Elite Forest Guard under the guidance of Gelu. It consists of 4 scenarios in which Gelu must find the components of the Elixir of life and keep them from getting into the hands of the Necromancers.

Gelu’s special ability is that he can train many ranged units into Sharpshooters. They have a long effective range with high attack and damage.

Graduation Exercise

For the first scenario in the campaign you’ll be playing on a small map. You can choose the Spyglass, 15 Grand Elves or 10 Sharpshooters. If you’re playing on normal difficulty choose the Grand Elves as these can be trained into Sharpshooters anyway.

From the start take Gelu directly down to the south on the eastern edge to the Red Stronghold. If you’re quick enough you can stop Red from getting the Green Keymaster’s Tent. This means they won’t be able to break out of their area to the west and you have all the time in the world to build up an army.

Take the Rampart town to the north and then the third town in the northwest. From here build up an army, break through the Guard Tower and clear out the map. Build up the Mage Guilds and learn all the spells. When you’re ready head underground and capture the Dungeon to complete the mission.


For this mission you can choose 10 Rogues, 2000 Gold or the Equestrian’s Gloves as a starting bonus. You begin with a Rampart town in the northwest corner of the map. There are 3 Rampart towns in the center of the map and one Necromancer town in the far southeast corner.

Hire a second hero and grab and nearby troops for hire. Give all the units to Gelu and send him along the road to the southeast. Take the Tan Rampart towns along the way. Replenish your troops and continue down to the Necromancer town to the southeast. Once the enemies have been cleared build up the towns if you want more spells.

The Ring of Vitality is located to the southwest. You’ll need to pass through a Green Keymaster Gate and a Dark Blue Keymaster Guard to reach it. Once you have it the mission will be complete.

Valley of the Dragon Lords

For this scenario you begin with 1 Green Dragon, 3000 Gold or the Boots of Speed. I recommend taking the Green Dragon so you can quickly deal with the Yellow enemy.

Take your Green Dragon and hire another one from your Rampart town. You may feel like this is a big advantage but the Yellow player has access to Gold Dragons. Quickly run Gelu either south or west to the Yellow Rampart town in one of the corners. If you get there by the end of the first week you’ll be able to hire a Gold Dragon at the start of week two.

Take your newly acquired Gold Dragon and other units to sweep around the corners of the map to eliminate the Yellow player. Train a group of Dragons, find the Keymaster tents and enter the area in the center towards the south of the map. Clear out the area if you want and when you’re ready grab the Ring of Life to complete the mission.

A Thief in the Night

If you’ve trained up Gelu in the previous missions this scenario should be fairly easy. You begin with 20 Rogues, 3000 Gold or 10 Sharpshooters. I recommend taking the 10 Sharpshooters for a good starting army.

You begin with 2 Rampart towns and some Garrisons to keep the Necromancers at bay for a while. Build up your towns, break through the garrison to the west and take the third Rampart town.

The Seer’s Hut east of your northern town asks you to find the Titan’s Gladius and Sentinel’s Shield. If you do she will steal the Vial for you. In the north center are portals leading to the areas with both of these artifacts. To get to the portals you’ll need to find the Light Blue Keymaster’s Tent on the southern edge of the map.

Make your way to the south to the Light Blue Keymaster’s Tent. Dealing with the Necromancers along the way should be no trouble. Take the portals to the southern corner areas with the artifacts and take out the Dragons. Grab both artifacts and bring them back to the Seer to complete the campaign.

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