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Foolhardy Waywardness is the sixth and final campaign in the Armageddon’s Blade expansion. It features a lost hero, Sir Christian, who shipwrecks on a small island. Luckily some of the orc natives are friendly and agree to help him if he helps them take over the island.

Christian must make it back to Erathian while defending against hostile enemies. Once back at an Erathian outpost he’ll arrive just in time to protect it from invading Regnan Pirates. This campaign consists of four scenarios and you’ll be playing mostly Stronghold and Fortress factions.

Lost at Sea

For the first scenario you need to build a Capitol in the town on the southeast corner of the island. Your starting bonuses are either 6 Orcs, +3 Attack or Basic Wisdom. At the start of the turn you shipwreck on the south coast of the island. Luckily the nearby Goblins are friendly and will join your army if you move into them. Take the first town just to the north of you. This town can’t build a Tavern so Christian is on his own for a little while.

You’ll need to move quickly to secure a decent town to defend. Make your way up to the Fortress town in the center. You may want to stop by a few huts to build your army. The Fortress town should hopefully be mostly undefended and if you get it at the end of the first week or beginning of the second you’ll be able to recruit a small army.

From here take the towns to the northeast and northwest to defeat the enemy factions. Now you can take your time as you make your way to the town to the southeast. Before you build a Capitol to to complete as many of the Seer requests as you can. Many of them will give you bonuses to your main stats. Once you build a Capitol to mission will be complete.

Their End of the Bargain

For this mission you begin with 8 Archers, +2 Power or the Bless Scroll as a starting bonus. You must defeat all enemies to continue. Christian is limited to 16th Level. Christian begins in a tavern in the center of the map where he’s accosted by a native. They work out an agreement. Christian will help him retake the island and he will help Christian leave.

You own the Stronghold town to the northeast and your ally is to the northwest. A Garrison is just to the west of your town and holds a good number of troops. You may want to hire a hero in the Ally’s town and use it to block your Blue Ally from leaving the area. This stops blue from running around, picking up all of your loot and defeating the enemy before you’re ready.

Hire a hero in your town to the northeast. Move through the Garrison and pick up all the troops. Use this hero to claim the red town in the center of the map. Bring Christian up and give him all the troops. Then send Christian down to the southeast to take the 2nd red town. Now there’s just one more red town to the southwest. Take your time to build up and bring Christian to Level 16 before completing the mission. Once again try to find all the artifacts for the Seers as some of them will boost your primary stats as a reward.

Here There Be Pirates

After travelling many days and nights Christian finds another small island. You begin with either 5421 Gold, +1 Att and +1 Def or 9 Rocs. Your goal is to defeat all four enemy factions.

You begin with a Stronghold on an island to the northwest. Grab all the resources and build your way up to Behemoths. When you are ready head down the tunnels to the Underground. From here you can access the other islands without needing to sail across the ocean. Grab the Green Castle in the center which is the only town you need to worry about in the Underground.

You should be able to take over any of the islands without too much trouble but the difficulty is holding onto those castles while you try to take over the other islands. You will need to build up reinforcements and use other heroes to hold the islands while your main hero captures new territory. Once all enemies have been defeated the mission will be a success.

Hurry Up and Wait

For the final scenario Christian must stay alive for 4 months. You begin with either the Prayer Spell Scroll, Loins of Legion or 2 Angels.

Your Castle in the center will be quickly overrun unless you build up an army or move to another location. If you have Dimension Door or Fly you can make your way to the southwest and take over the fully upgraded Castle without needing to get through the guard towers. If you want you can simply wait there for 4 months to complete the mission.

If you can’t teleport or fly you’ll need to find a way past the guard towers. You’ll need both the quest artifacts, which are found on the starting island, and to visit the Brown Keymaster’s Tent.

Another option if that proves too difficult is to abandon your starting island and sail off to the northeast or southeast. Your starting Castle will be quickly overrun so don’t bother building it up. Take over the Stronghold’s of the Teal or Orange players and defend your island for 4 months to complete the mission.

Whatever way you do it if you survive for 4 months you’ll complete the mission and campaign. Queen Catherine will arrive with her army and defeat those pesky pirates.

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