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Long Live the Queen is the first campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and includes 3 scenarios. You play as Queen Catherine Ironfist of Enroth who has returned to Erathia to win back the land after the death of her father.

When you land on Erathia you’ll need to establish your base (first scenario). You’ll then need to ally with the Angels (second scenario) and the Griffins (third scenario).


The win condition for this scenario is to capture Terraneus in the underground. This can be done fairly quickly but you may want to level up your heroes before moving onto the next map.

You begin on the southeast shore of the continent with the hero Christian. Around you are Archers and Pikemen that will join your army.

Explore the surrounding area and find as many upgrades as you can. Send a hero out to explore the sea in one of the boats for extra resources. From the sea you’ll be able to reach the western town. Taking over this town early will give you the resources you need to clear out the rest of the map if you wish.

If you want to get one of your heroes back to your main castle to learn spells enter combat with them and Retreat. You can buy them back at your main castle and they’ll learn the new spells.

When you’re ready send your main hero to the underground through one of the subterranean gates. Make your way to the center of the underground and attack the city of Terraneus. It should be lightly defended and easy to capture.

Guardian Angels

For this scenario you’ll need to defeat all enemies. Your starting bonus is either 1 Angel, 3 Zealots or a Scroll of Prayer. I chose the Angel as it’s the strongest unit for the Castle faction.

The Angels around the starting area will happily join your cause. Only the Angel standing guard to the very north will fight back. Gather the Angels to gether and explore the Surface area. When you’re ready send 2 heroes down to the Underground. Split the Angels between them and they should have no trouble clearing out the Dungeons.

Griffin Cliff

You begin the scenario with up to 8 of your best heroes from the previous map and you begin with a Castle and two towns. Try to beeline for Angels in your starting castle. You should be able to build the Portal of Glory by the end of the first week.

When you have a few units kill the Griffins guarding the Griffin Conservatory just to the north and you’ll rescue an Angel.

When you are ready break free from your starting area and take over the Inferno Castles to the northwest and northeast. The Orange heroes are much more of a threat than tan so take a hero with Angels to the underground and capture the 3 castles.

With Orange out of the way the rest should be easy. The two Tan Castles to the north are protected by an Ambush. Make sure you bring a decent army to deal with them. Then you’ll need to break through the garrisons and capture the Griffin Roosts to the very north of the map. Once you have all 7 the campaign will be complete.

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