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For this campaign you’ll be hired by two opposing factions, Tatalia and Krewlod. For the first mission Tatalia will hire you as a mercenary to expand their borders and capture the nearby mines. For the second mission you’ll be asked to gather 200,000 Gold for the kingdom of Krewlod.

You’ll be able to bring the heroes from one of the missions to the final mission. This will determine what side you take for final battle, either Tatalia or Krewlod. Mage Guilds are limited to third level for the first two missions. You can bring up to 8 level 12 heroes from one of the first two scenarios.


You begin with 2 Fortress towns in the north and the enemy has 3 Castles in the south. A couple of Garrisons protect the walls between the two factions. To win you must flag all Mines.

Take your time exploring your side of the map and building up your heroes. Take an army through one of the Garrisons and take over the 3 Castles. With the enemy out of the way you can explore the rest of the map and build your heroes up as much as possible. If you don’t want to use heroes from this scenario just send your heroes through the Garrisons and tag all the mines to complete the mission.

Gold Rush

With a starting bonus of either 3 Thunderbirds, 2 Cyclops or an Ancient Behemoth you need to accumulate 200,000 Gold. If you’re not worrying about building up your heroes this should be an easy task. Build up your 2 Strongholds and purchase the money making buildings. Sit tight and wait till you have the gold.

To speed things up a bit send out your heroes to gather up the Gold from chests. Visit the Purple Keymaster in your area so you can visit the Red Keymaster in the northeastern corner of the map. This gives you access to the tens of thousands of Gold stores in the northwest corner of the map.


Before the battle begins you’ll need to decide whether you’re siding with Tatalia or Krewlod. Tatalia start with the 3 Fortress towns in the northwest and Krewlod start with the 3 Stronghold towns to the southeast. Krewlod are probably the stronger faction as they have access to Ancient Behemoths and have fast moving Barbarian heroes. Mage Guilds in this scenario are limited to Level 4.

You’ll be locked within your area until you can defeat the neutral forces in one of the two Garrisons. There’s also a portal exit in your territory which you’ll need to guard or the Red Castle heroes will sneak in behind your lines.

Build up your three towns, focusing on gathering as many units as you can. There should be unit generators nearby so make sure you visit them each week to gather your forces.

When you’re ready break through the Garrison. When you travel down the large roadways you may be attacked by Bandits. Make sure you only send heroes with a large compliment of units along these roads.

Wipe out the Red forces first and then sit in the Garrison of the enemy faction until you can gather more forces to take out either Tatalia or Krewlod, depending on which faction you chose.

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