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Just after you get the notification that you’re entering Rusu Mountain you’ll notice a Warp Stone on the left side of the path. The bridge across the river is broken so you’ll need to find another way across.

The kids will point out to you Rusu’s House on top of the mountain. Jump into the water behind them and climb up onto a rock. Jump across the gap and use the Rot Wisps on a rock to uncover Rot Wisp #1

Pic 3

Come back the way you came and follow the path under the wooden arch. Continue along the path to a corrupted area where you’ll have another fight with some small critters.

Pic 1

Use the Rot Wisps on the bulb by the tree and send out a Pulse to clear the area and stop the creatures spawning. Then use the Rot Wisps on the corrupted bulb behind it and send out another pulse. This clears the stairs so you can continue on your way.

Search around the area for a stone. Use the Rot Wisps to pick it up so you can find Rot Wisp #1 for this area.

Pic 2

Head up the stairs and follow Taro’s Memory to a Shrine. You’ll be prompted to use your mask and then a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene a tear of the forest will drop down. Use it to clear out the nearby corruption. Follow the path that has opened up to a Flower Shrine. Use the Rot Wisp Tear to interact with it to clear the shrine.

Go back the way you came and continue follow the path upwards. You’ll need to jump across a gap to the painted ledge on the other side.

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Jump up the next ledge and turn around. You’ll need to jump across the dirt and jump again to the next rock before you slide down. On the other side you’ll find Rot Wisp #3.

Climb up the rock again and this time follow the path around to the top of the slippery dirt. Jump across the rocks to the other side and climb up. Follow the path under the wooden arch.

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