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Lost Temple Walkthrough

True Adventurer: 30,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Satipo, Jock
Artifact: Hovitos Idol
Parcel: Fast Fix


From the start head behind the large tree at the back for Artifact #1. Walk to the left and use Satipo to dig up the sparkly patch on the ground to reveal Golden Head 1/3. Once you dig up all three you’ll get another artifact.

For some extra studs climb up the ladder at the back, pull down the rope to open the trapdoor and climb up to the ledge. Use Indy’s whip to swing out and pick up the studs.

Return to the right and use the rope to swing across the gap in the bridge. Build up the Lego bricks on the other side to make a springboard. Jump up for more studs.

The orange button is a trap. To disable it hit the Lego head near the button. You can then safely pick up the blue stud on the button.

The platform on the edge of the chasm is an Indy whip platform. Indy can use his whip to swing across gaps. Break the shelf holding the rope to free it so Satipo can swing across.

Use Satipo to dig up the sparkly ground nearby. Pick up the bits and place them on the green plate to the right.

Assemble the pieces to make a bridge across the next gap. Walk across the bridge and smash the Lego heads with orange noses to disable the traps. The center head with the red nose can be smashed to reveal a dig spot. Dig it up for Golden Head 2/3.

Continue down the path to the right but watch out for the spike trap. Once you get to the wall dig up the sparkly patch to reveal a Lego head. Place it on the base just to the north and push it into the wall. An alcove will open with a button

Do this with the other statue to the south to reveal a second button. Stand on both buttons and the stone door in the middle will open.

Before going through drop down the ladder in the foreground. Make your way along the ledges to the left. Break the plants at the end to reveal a dig spot. Dig it up for Golden Head 3/3.

Artifact #2 will appear next to the ladder. Make your way back to the ladder, grab the artifact and head through the open door.

Croc Pool & Waterfall

Use the dancing Lego bits to build a raft and paddle it over to the docks on the right. Walk up to the stone door and kill the 2 Giant Spiders that drop down. You’ll find Artifact #3 between the rocks to the right.

Walk across the ledge to the left and pull the lever. This opens the gate behind the waterfall.

Drop into the water and enter the cave. Pull the lever in the cave to extend a stone ledge and then use it to jump up to Artifact #4.

Swim back across the pool and approach the large stone door. Have both Indy and Satipo jump up to grab the ropes on either side. The door will open. Go through to the next area.

Climb up the handhold and ladder on the left and use Indy to swing across the gap. Place the Box on the center button and stand on the left button. Satipo will jump across to the center.

Now stand on the right button and Satipo will jump all the way across. He’ll turn the wheel to remove all the spikes. Indy can drop down and jump across the platforms.

Walk to the right and use the whip to pull out some pieces. Assemble them into a ladder and climb up. Before climbing up the ladder run around the corner to the right. You’ll find Artifact #5 hidden behind the wall.

Climb up the ladder, jump to the rope and jump across to the right. Continue down the stone steps and head across the wooden bridge. Some of the slats will fall off as you walk over them.

At the next gate jump onto the darker grey pads. Once they all lift up the gate on at the end will open.

Continue through the tunnel avoiding the spear traps and take the exit on the other side.

The gear mechanism isn’t working so you’ll need Indy to pull on the rope dangling from the trapdoor to open it. A Key will fall out. Pick up the Key and use it on the gear mechanism. Turn it until all the stones are in place and you can reach the center.

Run across to the center and grab the Idol. Jump across the moving stones to the exit. In Free Play mode there’s a few extra collectibles to find.

Free Play:

Switch to someone with a Bazooka or Grenades and explode the silver bars in the wall to the right. Go through to find Artifact #6. You’ll also find C-3PO in a barrel. Whack him on the head to make him appear. Run back to the previous room and take the exit.

Cave Escape

Swing across the vine and make your way down the ramp while avoiding the rolling Lego heads. Jump across the next gap and then hang onto the vines. Wait for a boulder to roll down and smash through the door.

Free Play:

Before you jump over the pit activate the Kali Statue to retract the spikes on the path down below.

Climb down the ladder to find the mailbox. You need to find the parcel to post. Continue to the right and use someone who can break glass smash open the glass.

Grab the Parcel and deliver it to the mailbox. This unlocks the purchase of “Fast Fix” in the post room back at the academy.

Continue to the left, solve the Glyph Puzzle to extend the bridge and wait for the boulder to break through the door. Go through and pick up Artifact #7.

Inside the tunnel you’ll need to run as fast as you can and jump over the pits. At the end you’ll be rewarded with Artifact #8.


After the cutscene you’ll be by the riverbank being chased by the Hovitos Tribesmen. Take them out and look for a Crossbow you can pick up. Run back to the giant head to the right and use the crossbow to shoot the skull’s eyes.

To target the eyes look in the direction of the head and you should see a target reticule around the eye. Once you shoot both eyes the mouth will open revealing Artifact #9.

Head down to the river and pick up Artifact #10 behind the tree to the left.

To repair the airplane there two boxes of bits. One on the shore and the other in the river. Use Indy’s whip to grab the one in the river and place it on the green plate. Place the other one on the plate and assemble the bits to build the propeller.

Have Jock jump onto the plane and repair it to complete the chapter.

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