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Shanghai Showdown Walkthrough

True Adventurer: 52,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Willie Scott, Short Round
Artifact: Jade Dragon
Parcel: Treasure x 4

Club Obi Wan

After being poisoned by Lao Che, Indy will be in a weakened state and can’t do much. Switch to Willie and pick up the Diamond 1/4 on the table in the center. Throw it up to the bad guy to the back left who has the antidote.

He’ll throw the antidote across to a bad guy on the other side. You’ll need to give them all diamonds.

While you’re on this side move the blue drum across to the right and jump on it to reach Artifact #1 above.

Bring the two characters over to the buttons on the left side and stand on them. The cabinet will open for Diamond 2/4.

Throw this diamond to the first bad guy holding the antidote on the right side. He’ll throw it to the other bad guy on the left side.

Use a scream to break the glass on the case on the right. Grab Diamond 3/4 and give it to the bad guy on the left side. He’ll throw the antidote to the last bad guy on the right side.

Use Willie to jump up and grab the rope dangling in the center of the room. Balloons will fall down. Pop them all to find Diamond 4/4.

Give it to the last bad guy on the right and he’ll throw down the antidote for Indy.

Now that Indy is feeling better stand on the two red buttons at the back of the room. The mouth will open revealing a Sword. Grab it and throw it at the chains holding the large golden gong.

Ride the gong like you would a vehicle and ride it around to break the 3 silver tables. Once you’ve destroyed them Artifact #2 will appear in the center of the room.

Also pick up the Purple Stud in front of the counter in the foreground. Then ride the gong out the rear window next to the invincible bad guy.

Back Alley

After the cutscene you’ll be in the back alley from Club Obi Wan. To get out of here you’ll need to fix the broken car.

Start by breaking the items to the right and have Short Round crawl through the crawlspace. Jump around the buildings to the left to a ledge. Break the items and use the pieces to make a doorway. Inside you’ll find Artifact #3.

One of the car parts 1/2 is also up here. Grab it and take it back to the green plates by the car.

Switch to Indy and run around to the left side. Climb up the rope and walk around the ledge to the right. Switch to Willie and have her grab the rope to lower the awning so Indy can get across.

Do this a second time so Indy can reach car part 2/2. Before picking it up jump up the awnings to Artifact #4.

Then drop down, pick up the car part 2/2 and take it back to the green plate. Put all the pieces together to assemble the car.

The car still needs to be repaired before you can drive it. Once you assemble the car the garage door to the left will open and gangsters will come out. Finish them off and pick up the Wrench inside the garage.

Use the Wrench to fix the car, hop into it and if you’re not in Free Play use it smash through the gate at the end of the alley.

Free Play:

At the right end of the street is a glyph puzzle. Solve it to reveal the parts for a key mechanism. Put it together and then use explosives to blow up the silver canisters in the corner. Put the pieces of the canisters together to make a crawlspace.

Have a small character crawl through and jump into the bucket. A second character down below can turn the key to send the first character across the gap. Jump over to the ledge for Artifact #5.

Climb up the rope on the left side and this time walk left on the ledge above to the Kali statue. Activate the statue and it will release a red balloon. Ride the balloon over to Artifact #6.

Finally blow up the silver bars on the left side of the street. Dig up the anvil in the flower bed and place it on the pressure pad behind the bars. This reveals Artifact #7.

Airplane Hangar

Have Willie jump up into the alcove in the corner and push the crate off the edge. Assemble the pieces into a crawlspace.

Send Short Round through the crawlspace and destroy the crates on the ledge above. There’s an artifact up here but you probably can’t reach it until Free Play.

Pick up the box of bits 1/2 and place it on the green plate by the airplane. You’ll need to find one more so head to the left side and climb up the crates in the other room.

Have Indy take a big jump across to the back of the room and then swing across to the right side.

Grab the box of bits 2/2 and take it back to the green plate. Assemble the pieces into a propeller. Before continuing with the plane come back and ride the forklift.

A second character will jump on the front. Lift it up so you can reach Artifact #8 above.

Use the forklift to lift Indy up to the platforms on either side of the plane. He can use his whip to activate the side propellers. Once he’s done the chapter will be complete.

Free Play:

If you couldn’t reach Artifact #9 in story mode you can grab it now. Have a short character go through the hatch on the right side of the hangar. Switch to an agile character and jump up to reach it.

Down on the ground floor use explosives to blow up the silver crate by the large roller door. This reveals a sword. Pick it up and use it to break the chain above the roller door.

Once inside grab the rope to spin the large spinner. Jump onto one of the ends from the walkway and walk to the center of the spinner to grab the Parcel.

Take the parcel up the stairs to the mailbox. This unlocks the Treasure x4 extra.

While you’re here use a disguise and knock on the guard post at the back of the room. To guard will open up the panel and reveal Artifact #10.

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