LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures was published by Traveller’s Tales in 2008 and takes you on a journey through three thrilling adventures based on the Indiana Jones movies. You’ll unlock 60 characters as you battle your way past enemies using guns, bottles, chairs and anything else you can find. There are 6 levels for each movie with three bonus levels after completing the game.

This will be a complete walkthrough of Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. On a first playthrough you won’t be able to pick up all the collectibles. After unlocking the necessary characters go back into the level in Free Play mode and pick up those things you missed.

There are 10 Artifacts in each level, one piece of Mail and a True Adventurer achievement by collecting a certain number of studs.


LEGO Indiana Jones Walkthrough

Raiders of the Lost Ark

1: Lost Temple
2: Into the Mountains
3: City of Danger
4: The Well of Souls
5: Pursuing the Ark
6: Opening the Ark

The Temple of Doom

1: Shanghai Showdown
2: Pankot Secrets
3: The Temple of Kali
4: Free the Slaves
5: Escape the Mines
6: Battle on the Bridge

The Last Crusade

1: The Hunt for Sir Richard
2: Castle Rescue
3: Motorcycle Escape
4: Trouble in the Sky
5: Desert Ambush
6: Temple of the Grail


How to Unlock the Bonus Levels

There are 3 bonus levels and unlocking them is a multi-step process. You can’t begin until you unlock all 18 artifacts, 6 for each of the main storylines. You unlock an artifact by collecting all 10 of the artifact pieces in each of the chapters.

Once you have all the artifacts enter Indy’s office. This is the third door on the right as you walk down the main hall. Inside there are a number of puzzles. Each of them will give you a chest to drop onto the green plates in the center.

Chest 1/5 – Activate the Kali statue, then go through the crawlspace.
Chest 2/5 – Shatter the glass tent
Chest 3/5 – Use a female character to jump onto the high ledge at the back of the room.
Chest 4/5 – Solve the glyph puzzle at the back of the room.
Chest 5/5 – Blow up the silver disk on the left side of the room, then dig up the sparkly patch.

After finding all the chests assemble the pieces together to make a pallet. Then destroy it to find a Golden Key. Take the Golden Key up to the Artifact Room on the second floor on the right side.

Place the diamond on the pedestal to reveal a key mechanism. Turn the key to open the three round hatches leading to the bonus levels.