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Temple of Kali Walkthrough

True Adventurer: 50,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Short Round
Artifact: Jewel Eyed Skull
Parcel: Super Scream

Lava Pool

Free Play:

Artifact #1 can’t be reached in Story Mode. You’ll need an agile character to jump up and grab it.

Drop down and take out the Thuggees. You’ll need to find two boxes of bits to place on the green plates to the right.

Use the Indy pad to whip across the gap top the left. Kill the Thuggees. One of them should drop a Turban. Pick it up and wear it, then activate the Kali statue. The bars to the left will open, revealing Artifact #2.

To fix the bridge grab two torches and place them in the scones by the bridge. The bridge will raise up so Short Round can get across.

Send Short Round through the hatch and pull the lever to lift up the pillar. Go back through the hatch and grab Box of Bits 1/2.

Carry it over to the green plate to the right. Head back over the bridge and drop down to the ledges by the lava below. At the back you’ll notice Artifact #3.

Pick it up and then jump over to the right. Take out the Thuggees and then assemble the pieces to make a ladder. Push the statue off the edge and assemble the pieces into a lever for a spinner.

Carry it over to the green plate to the left. Then have Indy carry the box of bits onto the lift. Short Round can move the spinner around to lift up Indy.

Switch to Indy and take the Box of Bits 2/2 over to the green plate. Assemble the pieces to complete the roof over the Lego statue and climb up the hand rails to the ledge above. Make your way across the rock pillars to the right.

Free Play:

Use a character with explosives to break the silver bars in the back wall to reveal Artifact #4.

First slide down the long rope to the revolving platforms below. Jump across to the right for a Purple Stud.

Jump back and climb up the rope. Jump across to the hand rails on the revolving pillars. Artifact #5 is on top of the first revolving pillar. Use the hand rails to jump between the first two pillars and make your way up.

Jump over to the second pillar and ride it around for the Purple Stud before dropping down on the right side.

Take out the Thuggees and pull the two levers by the gate to open it and go through to the next area.

Free Play:

You may have notices some sparkly patches as you make your way through this area. There are three in total and each of them reveals a Lego Skull. Once you dig up all three of them you’ll be rewarded with Artifact #6.

Altar Room

First you’ll want to arrange the statues so you can make some paths up above. Assemble the Lego pieces to the right to complete the statue structure.

Pull the first one out so it lines up with the walkways above. Then pull the second one across as far as you can, and then in towards the wall.

Run over to the left side and break the planks blocking the alcove in the corner. Turn the key in the mechanism to move the statue out so that it’s in line with the walkway above.

Climb up the ladder on the left and swing over the gap as the walkway collapses. This reveal Artifact #7 in a hole underneath.

Climb up the ladder again and swing across to the other side. Jump across the statues and make your way the upper ledge to the lever. Pull it to lift up the central cage a little bit.

Jump over to the large statue and climb up the hand rails on the side to Artifact #8. On the platform behind it you’ll find a Purple Stud.

Free Play:

Before pulling the second lever use explosives to break the silver bars in the corner. Pull the lever behind them to lower down the platforms. Send a female character up to pick up Artifact #9.

Drop down and then drop down again onto the lower ledge by the lava pool. Use a character with a Wrench to fix the blue machine. A large rock platform extends out so you can pick up Artifact #10.

While you are here smash the red object next to the blue machine and assemble the pieces into a mailbox. Run to the other side of the cave and solve the glyph puzzle. It will break open revealing a Parcel behind it.

Take it all the way over to the left and mail it in the mailbox. This unlocks the Super Scream extra.

Boss Fight: Chattar Lal

When you are ready for the boss fight send Short Round to break the object in front of the crawlway on the right side of the cavern. He can then make his way around the ledges to pull the second lever. This lifts the cage with Willie in it a little bit more.

The boss will soon appear along with the Thuggees. You can’t harm the boss directly. Instead you need to pick up one of the Thuggee turbans so that you can activate the two Kali statues on either side of the cage. Activating the statues opens up the grates so that lava shoots up from underneath.

When Chattar Lal jumps onto the grates he’ll take damage. Run around and try to get Chatter Lal to jump from side to side so he takes damage as he lands on the grates. Once he’s taken enough damage he’ll be defeated and the chapter will be complete.

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