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Pursuing the Ark Walkthrough

True Adventurer: 47,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Marion
Artifact: Sphinx
Parcel: Fast Build

Dig Site

There are a few Soldiers in this starting area but once you’ve killed them that won’t respawn. This is a large open area so run around and explore. You can break the toolbox and barrel for Shovels and Wrenches. You’ll need both of them for this section.

Grab the blue crate and place it on the green plate. Have Indy whip the hook near the crane to lower down the ladder. Climb up and grab the second blue crate. Drop down and place it on the second green plate. Put the pieces together to make the hook for the crane.

Hop into the crane and use the hook to pick up the cylinder and place it on the round platform. The other platform will lift up giving you access to the other side. Leave that for now because there’s still a few other things we need to do.

You’ll also need to repair the rail track near the back wall. Destroy the pile of sand and then place the first nearby rail piece on the track.

There are another two pieces to find. Push the small cart into the wall on the right side. This will break the barrier so you can assemble it into the second rail piece.

You can also assemble some pieces into a hatch but that’s only for Free Play mode. Bring the second rail piece back to the track and place it on the green plate.

Dig up the sparkly patch a little further down from the small cart to find the pieces for the third rail piece. Put them together and take it back to complete the rail track.

Free Play:

After pushing the small cart into the barrier to get the second track piece you can also build a crawlway. Send a small character through to the ledge above for Artifact #1 and a Purple Stud.

Jump up to the middle ledge in the corner and use explosive to break through the silver bars. Solve the glyph puzzle to lift up a glass box, then shatter the glass for Artifact #2.

Use the crane to pick up a character and drop them on the wooden platform to the left. They can go behind the fence and pick up the Parcel. Getting it to the mailbox is going to be a little trickier.

Drop the parcel near to the stone blocks on the ground. These lift up into stairs when you pull the lever on the wall. You’ll need to use explosives to destroy the silver bars protecting the lever.

Pull the lever to lift up the steps, quickly grab the Parcel and jump up the steps to the mailbox. If time runs out you’ll need to try again. This Parcel has the Fast Build extra.

Use Marion to jump up to the cylinder and then head around the wooden walkway to the right. Jump onto the cart and then have Indy push it across to the center.

Have Marion jump to the center section and dig through the ground. She’ll drop down and pick up Artifact #3, while landing on a button to open the bars.

Send Marion around again and this time push the cart all the way to the right. Assemble the pieces to make a rope so Indy can climb up.

Have both characters pull on the rope to pull down the next portion of walkway. Head up the stairs on the right to the next area.

Army Camp

You can send Marion around the top path so she drops behind the fence.

From here take out the enemies and hop in one of the cars. Smash through the gates and use the car to destroy the silver cylinder blocking Artifact #4.

Take out the Soldiers and Officers and pick up one of the Officer’s Hats. Now you can knock on the Guard Post and the Soldier inside will let you through the gate to the next area.

Mess Hall

Take out the enemy Soldiers here. Luckily they don’t respawn. Head to the right and assemble the Lego pieces to make a motor. Pick it up and place it on the green plate by the gate. This opens up the first bar.

Hop in the car to the left and drive it onto the pressure pad next to the tower on the right side. This lowers the platform in the center of the tower. Use Marion to jump up to the platform and jump up to grab Artifact #5.

While you have the car use it to smash through the back gate. Behind it is a small pond. Break all the chairs and assemble the pieces into a raft. Ride the raft around the pond to lower all of the flowers. Lower all of them at once for Artifact #6.

Go back to the mess hall and dig up the patch of dirt near to the left tent. Break open the chest you find to get a Key. You can find a Shovel in one of the tool barrels around the yard if you need it.

Jump up to the platform on the left tower by the gate to the pond. Pull the rope to release some pieces and assemble them into a key mechanism. Turn the key to move the dangling rope along the wire.

When the rope is towards the right side jump across to it and over to the next tower.

Use the Key you found in the chest in the mechanism and turn it to move the next rope over to the right. Jump across to the third tower, pull the lever and the second motor will fall down.

Grab the motor and place it on the green plate to release the second bar on the gate.

Free Play

Use explosives to break the silver grills in the back left tent. Pick them up and place them on the tower in the corner. Climb up and blow up the silver cage for Artifact #7.

When you are ready grab a Shovel and head through to the next area.


The Boxer Boss is waiting for you inside the ring. You’re safe to explore as long as you don’t step over the line.

To get Artifact #8 you’ll need to find the 3 blue Lego boxes of bits. One is buried on the left behind the silver anvil. If you brought a shovel from the previous area you’ll be able to dig it up. If not you’ll have to come back in Free Play to find it

The second box can be found by destroying a palm tree on the right side and the third is in the hut in the cabinet on the left side. Take the 3 boxes of bits and place them on the green plates. Assemble the pieces together into a gramophone which will play and reveal Artifact #8.

Free Play:

On the right side is a shooting range. This is only active in Free Play mode. Use a character with a gun and shoot the targets as they turn around. Once you hit all 5 targets Artifact #9 will appear.

Now it’s time to deal with the boss. We can’t hurt him directly but he can hurt himself. Pick up the silver anvil and carry it into the ring. The Boxer will punch the anvil and damage himself.

A truck full of Soldiers will arrive. Get into the plane and use the guns on the plane to take out all the enemies and destroy all the surrounding objects.

You’ll find a Purple Stud in the silver tank on the left side. Then head over to the left side and use the pieces from the truck to make a second silver anvil. Bring it into the ring so the boss can punch it once more.

Take out the second truckload of Soldiers that arrives and use the plane’s guns once more to destroy the enemies and truck.

Use the pieces from the truck one final time to turn it into an anvil and let the boxer punch it. After the cutscene you’ll be in the final area.

Truck Chase

As you’re driving along on the truck take out the enemies as they try to jump onto the roof. After killing a few Soldiers the driver will come out. Hit the driver and get into the driver’s seat so you can drive forwards to the next set of trucks.

When a smaller truck pulls up from behind jump onto it to find Artifact #10 in the back.

Finish off the driver when he comes out and drive forwards to the truck with the Ark. Fight off the final set of Soldiers and get in the truck with the Ark to complete the chapter.

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