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Desert Ambush Walkthrough

True Adventurer: 100,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Sallah
Artifact: Ancient Amphora
Parcel: Treasure x10

Desert Canyon

In the first area you’ll need to find the 3 boxes of bits and place them on the green plates so you can build a bulldozer. There are quite a few collectibles to find before you leave this section.

Start by destroying the tires on the truck in front of you. Wait for the front end collapse and assemble the pieces into Box 1/3. Place this on one of the green plates.

Break the barrels by the truck at the back and build a light pole. You’ll need to do this to get an artifact later.

Break the boards covering up the cave entrance and go through. Inside, pick up the head of the lion statue and place it on the body. It will break open, revealing Artifact #1.

Use Sallah to dig up the sparkly patch to the right and place the cogs on the green machine. This activate the lift. Ride it up to the ledge above and run around the ledges, up the ladder, and out the exit. Pick up Box 2/3 and drop it onto the lift.

Drop down after it and place it on one of the green plates.

Free Play:

Inside the cave entrance use a character with explosives to blow up the silver chests. This uncovers a sparkly patch. Dig it up to reveal a key. Take the key up the lift and across the ledges. Continue past the exit to the mechanism.

Turn the key in the mechanism to lower down a rope. Swing across the gap and break the jars in the alcove to find Artifact #2.

Head along the canyon path to the right and ride the horse. Use it to jump up to Box 3/3 and bring it back to the green plate.

Assemble the pieces into a bulldozer. Before using it to smash through the barriers at the back walk halfway along the path to the right and use Sallah to dig up the sparkly patch. This reveals another light pole.

Get into the bulldozer and knock over all 3 light poles to reveal Artifact #3.

Hop out of the bulldozer and ride the horse all the way to the left. Use it to jump up to a high ledge, then jump to the handrail and up to Artifact #4.

Walk to the left and use Indy to whip the hook above the Indy pad. R2-D2 will fall down from above.

Free Play:

Find the glyph puzzle on the ledge along the back of the canyon. You can walk up the slope to get to it or use a horse to jump up.

Solve the puzzle to open the passage behind it and go through. Then use explosives to blow up the silver barrier and head into the small cave. Activate the Kali statue to break the tiles from the wall.

Assemble the tiles and push the line back towards the wall. Dig up the sparkly patch and you’ll find Artifact #5.

Hop back onto the bulldozer and smash through the barriers at the back of the canyon. This takes you to the next area.

Tank Battle

Colonel Vogel will be waiting for you in a tank. To damage the tank you’ll need to lure him into destroy some of the surrounding silver objects and turn them into land mines. Before doing that there are 2 artifacts to find in Story Mode and a Parcel to mail in Free Play.

Lure Vogel to destroy the first silver trailer. Turn the pieces into a mine and wait for Vogel to run over it.

Then run to the back of the area and lure Vogel into destroying the silver tanks by the cliff. Assemble the pieces into a sprinkler and wait for Artifact #6 to appear.

On the left side assemble the pieces to make a ladder and climb up. Wait for Vogel to destroy the single tank and the silver box.

Assemble the pieces into an oil drill and wait for Artifact #7 to appear.

Free Play:

Jump over the planks to the ledge with the box. Use a female character to jump onto it and up to the handrails above. Jump across to the right and grab the Parcel.

Drop down and dig up the sparkly patch to the left to uncover the mailbox. Mail the parcel to unlock the Treasure x10 extra.

Run or jump over the planks and push the box off the edge of the ledge. Assemble the pieces into the second mine and wait for Vogel to run over it.

Lure Vogel into destroying the second silver trailer to the right and build the third and final mine. When Vogel runs over it he’ll make his escape out the back of the canyon.

Follow the racks up on the right side and dig up the sparkly patch to find a box. Place it on the green plate and use the pieces to fix the rail cart.

Push it down the hill and it will smash through the rocks blocking the hole in the hill. Follow it down and pick up Artifact #8. Follow Vogel through the exit to the next area.

Small Canyon

Blow up the cannisters near the entrance to reveal a crawlspace. Go through to emerge up the top with Artifact #9.

Lure Vogel into blowing up the silver chest and grab the key. Use one of the horses to jump up to the high ledge and use the key on the mechanism. This activates the lift behind it and lifts up the platform.

Head up the ramp and jump across the platform to the ledge with Artifact #10.

Drop down to the ledge on the right and run across the wooden planks. Once you reach the other side Vogel will smash through the next barrier.

Riding the Tank

Ride the tank as enemy soldiers try to take you out. Knock them off and wait for Vogel to climb out of the tank. Hit him a few times and he’ll hide back in the tank.

Repeat a few times until Vogel has been defeated.

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