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Into the Mountains Walkthrough

True Adventurer: 35,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Marion, Ravenwood
Artifact: Nepalese Altar
Parcel: Super Slap

Marion’s Tavern

You begin in Marion’s Tavern which is quiet as long as you don’t open the door to the outside on the left. Have Indy jump up to grab one rope by the fireplace to the right. The cauldron will tip over revealing the first Artifact. Have Marion jump up to grab the other rope and the grating around the fireplace will lower.

Drop down and grab Artifact #1. Head over to the left side and with Marion jump up to grab the ladder and pull it down. When you pull down the ladder a Key falls down. Leave it here for now. Climb up the ladder, walk along the upper ledge to the right and break the crates.

Put the pieces together to make a lever and pull it to lift up barrels in the floor below. The barrels will roll out and smash through the bars so you can reach Artifact #2.

Grab the Key that dropped down from the ladder earlier and use it to unlock the door to the left. You’ll be attacked by Major Toht and the Sherpa Brawlers.

Major Toht runs away when you get close so pick up a bottle or chair and throw it at him. He switches from left to right so try to run to the other side in time to meet him there.

When he takes enough damage he’ll flee and set the bar on fire as he’s running away. The Sherpa Gunner boss will appear behind the bar and start shooting.

Once again grab an item and throw it at him until he’s lost all of his hearts. Once he’s taken enough damage he’ll jump over the bar. Finish him off and Major Toht will return through the back doors, this time with a gun.

Finish off Major Toht one last time by throwing objects at him or punching him if you can get close enough. Then you’ll get a cutscene and be outside the bar.

Nepalese Village

While you’re in the area Sherpa Brawlers will continue to spawn from the alley to the left of the tavern. Take them out quickly and then continue on your way.

Break the logs just to the left of the tavern and put the pieces together to make Snowman 1/3. Once you find all three snowmen you’ll get an artifact.

Free Play

Switch to someone with an enemy disguise and knock on the window to the house on the left. Enter and drop the box of bits on the green plate. Put the pieces together to make a pulley. Jump up and grab the rope on the left of the fireplace. Have Indy stand on the Indy pad and whip the pulley.

Santa Claus will come down the chimney and run outside. Follow him outside to find the Parcel on the path between the two buildings. Pick it up and deliver it to the Mailbox which has just appeared outside Marion’s Tavern. This parcel unlocks “Super Slap”.

Take a look at the reindeer pen. Just outside the fence you’ll notice a sparkly patch. Dig it up, and all the sparkly patches that appear around it, to reveal Lego pieces for a Snowmobile.

Hop on it and smash through all the barriers that have appeared to be rewarded with Artifact #3.

The building to the right of Marion’s Tavern has silver bars over hte front door. Use someone with explosives to smash through the front door. Go inside to find Artifact #4 inside the building in front of the window.

Walk to the right, pick up the torch on the corner of Marion’s Tavern and take it over to light the dynamite by the entrance of the cave. Assemble the pieces into a white plate and also Snowman 2/3.

Pic up the white plate and place it on the green plate to the right. Grab the Wrench and use it to repair the Blue Machine to get the small lift working.

Ride the lift up and grab the handrails. Shimmy across to the right and have Indy whip across the next gap. Indy can repair the bridge and push it over so that Marion can get across.

Grab another Torch from the wall and use it to blow up the dynamite. Put the pieces together to make Snowman 3/3 and you’ll be rewarded with Artifact #5.

Use Marion to jump up to the barrel of dynamite and push it off the edge. put the pieces together to assemble a block of dynamite. Grab another torch if you need it and blow up the dynamite.

Once the barrier has been destroyed head through to the next area.

The Icy Canyon

Free Play:

Destroy the mounds of ice by the back wall to reveal a hatch. Send a small character through. Switch to Indy and whip across the gap to Artifact #6.

Have Indy whip across the gap and destroy the barrel by the edge. Put the pieces together to make a handrail so Marion can jump across.

Use Marion to jump up to the alcove and turn the key to open the large doors at the back.

Have Marion jump up to the pedestal and then up to the back ledge so she can push the statue off the edge. Assemble the pieces together into a White Pallet. Take the White Pallet to the green plate. Then grab the Wrench that you can find under the Bull Statue on the left side of the staircase and use it to repair the Blue Machine.

Ride the lift up and make your way across the gaps. When you get to the large chasm make your way across to the other side and go through the exit, unless you’re in free play mode.

Free Play:

Drop down the chasm and use a character with explosives or a scream to break the glass surrounding Artifact #7.

Drop all the way down and shatter the ice wall at the back to free a second Star Wars character, Luke Skywalker.

Temple Cavern

Smash the panel on the back wall to the left of the back stairs to get a Shovel, then use it to dig up a Key to the left. Grab the key and use it on the mechanism by the entrance of this cavern to lower down a rope.

Climb up the stairs at the back and push the large statue all the way to the left. Have Marion climb up the rope and make her way around to the top of the statue.

Switch to Indy and have him push the statue all the way to the right. Marion can assemble a rope so Indy can climb up and both of them can weigh down the pressure plate.

Climb around to the exit, grab a torch and go through to the next area.

Free Play:

Switch to a character who can solve glyph puzzles and solve the puzzle to the right of the exit. A set of handrails will appear so you can climb up to Artifact #8.

Crossing the Bridge

Use the Torch from the previous area to light the brazier up the steps near to the chasm. Artifact #9 will appear in its place.

From here have Indy whip over the column. Climb over it to the Purple Stud in the distance. This is worth 10,000 points.

Ride the horse and place it on the pressure plate to activate the lift. Grab the Wrench to the left of it and then ride it up. Jump over to the other side of the gate and fix the blue machine to open the gates.

Come back outside and pick up the part that you find after breaking the box.

Place this on the green plate on the other side of the gates. When it explodes it reveals Artifact #10.

Ride the lift again and grab the Bazooka on the roof. Use it to destroy the silver box near the bridge. Put the pieces together to make a spinner. Turn the spinner to bring up a lift with a box of Bazookas.

Grab one and use it to kill the enemies and blow up the truck on the other side of the bridge. Once the truck explodes head through the gate to end the chapter.

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