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Motorcycle Escape

True Adventurer: 90,000 studs
Characters: Indiana Jones, Henry Jones Sr.
Artifact: Gilt Frame Portrait
Parcel: Treasure x8

Boat House

Smash the crates to the right and make a spinner. Turn the crane around to reveal Box 1/2. Grab the box and place it on one of the green plates to the left.

Pull the lever next to the conveyor to reveal Box 2/2. Place this on the other green plate and assemble the pieces into a motorbike. You still need to fix it with a wrench.

Smash the crate and green filing cabinet at the back and assemble the pieces to make a second lever. You’ll also find a wrench in one of the cabinets. Use it to fix the first bike. Pull the lever to lower the second bike.

Free Play:

Blow up the silver bars at the back of the garage and shatter the glass cabinet in the next room. Grab the tiles and place them on the green plate. This makes a tiled floor. Pull the orange handle along the tiles to open a trapdoor where you’ll find Artifact #1.

Use explosives to blow up the chains holding the boats to the pier in the foreground. Ride one over to the right and jump into the alcove for Artifact #2.

Ride both motorbikes onto the orange buttons to open the garage door and head outside to the next area.

Country Road

As you make your way along the country road watch out for enemy soldiers on bikes and puddles of mud. You can ride over the mud but it will slow you down.

There are three plants to find. Once you smash them all Artifact #3 will be revealed. The first is found just before the first bridge.

Jump over the gap in the bridge and continue along the road while avoiding the rolling boulders. Plant 2/3 can be found just near to the guard house.

Get off your bike and take out the enemy soldiers. Grab an Officer’s Hat and use it to trick the soldier at the guard house to open the barrier.

Walk or drive through and then use the mechanism to lift up the ramp so you can make the jump to the other side. You’ll find Plant 3/3 directly on the other side. Once you break it you’ll get Artifact #3.

Continue along the road until you see the barn in the background.

Free Play:

Around the first corner after the second bridge you’ll see Artifact #4 behind silver bars. Blow them up and jump across the mud to grab it.

Avoid the mines as you ride along and then grab Artifact #5 behind the closed barn door.

If you still have the Officer’s Hat you can trick the next guard into opening the barrier. Otherwise you’ll have to wait for soldiers to spawn and grab another one. Drive under the arch to the next area.


As soon as you enter this area hop off your bike and grab Artifact #6 hidden around the corner of the building.

Head to the center well and lift up the bucket for Artifact #7.

Pull the levers to the little hut and defeat the enemies that emerge from inside. Grab the Officer’s Hat and use it to trick the soldier in the guardhouse to the right. He’ll open the garage door.

Grab the shovel and use it to dig up the sparkly patch on the left side. Jump up on the trampoline and enter the building through the window.

Swing across the gap and smash the crate for a box of bits. Take it down to the green plate. Assemble the pieces into a handle and push it to open the cage door. Inside you’ll find a bazooka.

Free Play:

Repair the tractor and drive it out through the door. Use it to plough the 2 plots of land to the left of the hut and the third to the right. Once the three carrots appear Artifact #8 will appear in the center of the bridge.

Grab the bazooka and leave the way you came. Run all the way to the right and blow up the spotlights. Assemble the pieces into a handle and pull it out to lift up the bridge.

Free Play:

Before you ride the motorbikes across the bridge break the crates on the right side of the mill to get a key. Use the key on the mechanism on the left side to get a box. Carry the box to the green plate to the right and use it to jump up to the walkway on the side of the mill where you can find the Parcel.

Take the parcel to the mailbox in the center next to the well and mail it to unlock the Treasure x8 extra.

Ride the bikes over the bridge and ride over the orange buttons to open the gates to the next area.


As you ride along this short stretch of road enemy soldiers on bikes will be waiting in ambush.

Either ignore them and just ride past or take them out. You’ll also need to watch out for the red mines dotted along the road.

Yard with Turrets

To get past this area you’ll need to destroy the 3 gun turrets. Each turret takes 4 bazooka shots to destroy.

Once you kill the first group of enemy soldiers a shed to the right opens up. Go inside for the bazookas. Destroy the gun turret to the far left and enter the small room underneath to find Artifact #9.

Finally destroy the 2 manhole covers on the ground. When you blow them up little seeds will fall to the ground. Plant all of them to make Artifact #10 appear in the center.

Once you’ve destroyed the 3 gun turrets head out the gate at the back to end the chapter.

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