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Dark Forces Mission 6 Walkthrough


  • Find Crix Madine in the high security area of of the Detention Center


Crix Madine is located in a high security cell block. You can’t get there just by walking through the front doors as these will be locked tight. The first task is to take the low security elevator and descend to the lowest floor. From here you’ll need to find the high security elevator and the red key. Then you’ll need to head back up to the top floor and open the red door that gives you access to the elevator shafts to find a secret entrance to Crix Madine’s level.

Work your way forwards to the shuttle bay controls. Press the switch to have the shuttle (platform) come and pick you up. Stand on it and take a ride to the entrance of the Detention Center.

Dark Forces Mission 6 Detention Center EntranceFire at the button to the left to open the front doors and go inside. Take out the Stormtroopers and enter the section on the left. When you see a wall with a crack in it like this one…

Dark Forces Mission 6 Secretyou can blow it open with a thermal detonator or mine. Inside you’ll find power cells and shield units.

Go back and stand on the wall and shoot either of the buttons to the left or right. The wall will lift up. It doesn’t matter which side you take. Both paths will lead towards the low security elevator.

Dark Forces Mission 6 ElevatorYou’re currently on the top floor. You can explore all the low security levels if you like but you need to end up on the bottom floor.

Once there go to the green force field and wait for it to stop flashing. When it stops flashing you can walk through it.

Dark Forces Mission 6 Force FieldFight your way around to the high security elevator which will take you to different floors, including the one Crix Madine is being held. Before you go up though make sure you open the door nearby and grab the Red Key Card that opens up access to the elevator shafts on the top level.

Dark Forces Mission 6 Red CardGo up to the level that Crix Madine is on, it looks like a ‘N’. The guards here have some key cards that you can grab.

Head down to the lowest level and while outside the high security elevator set it to the level three from the bottom.

Dark Forces Mission 6 High Security ElevatorGo back to the low security elevator and take it to the top floor. While outside of it set it to the third from top level.

Open the red door and drop through the elevator shafts. Time your way over the lifts in the garbage room to the door that will lead into one of the cells on Crix Madine’s level. Blow your way out and enter Code 2 to open Crix Madine’s cell and complete the level.

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