Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is the latest puzzle platformer from Frozenbyte. The game returns to it’s most popular 2.5D format with breathtaking backgrounds and animations. The combat system has been updated, as has the puzzle system which tailors the puzzles depending on how many players are participating.

Each of the three heroes, Amadeus, Pontius and Zoya has their own unique skill tree. You’ll gain points for finding experience jars hidden throughout the environment. Once you have enough you can spend those points to level up each of the heroes.

Trine 4 is divided into 5 acts and 17 levels. The first few levels will acquaint you with the movement and special skills of each of the heroes as they go in search of the lost prince. It seems like an easy task but it turns out to be much more difficult than they could imagine.

Trine 4 Walkthrough

Act 1

A Wintery Morning
The Cursed Manor
A Masquerade Night

Act 2

Craghill Moors
The Thorny Hedge Maze
Heatherwood Hall
The Prince’s Dream

Act 3

Moonlit Forests
The Badgerborough
Goldleaf Garden
Firwood Water

Act 4

The Crackling Mire
The Blueberry Forest
The Gossamer Grove

Act 5

Snow-Topped Heights
The Nightmare Academy
Haunted Tombs
The Nightmare Prince