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When you land on the planet Hekate will tell you that multiple life forms are closing on your position. As you make your way to the right you’ll be given a tutorial on the basics. You can deflect ranged attacks by using the shield at the right time. This also works as a parry later on for more difficult enemies. Climb across the wire and on the other side you’ll find the first Resurrection Idol and the first checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1

Drop down through the platforms and shoot the spiked ball to destroy the steel frames underneath. Climb up the ladder for a Resurrection Idol. Continue over a destroyed ship for the next checkpoint. You may want to skip some of these early checkpoints to save idols and increase your overall health and energy.

Checkpoint 2

Climb up the steel beam and get ready for a mini boss fight with the Atom Cutter. This enemy slides up and down a rail and shoots laser beams at you.

Jump between steel beams to avoid getting hit. Once it’s been destroyed use the wreckage to jump over the gap. On the other side you’ll find some health.

Jump up the platforms to the next Resurrection Idol and then across to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3

Jump over the gap and get kill the hounds as they appear from the right. A Dire Hound will drop down from the sky. Hide under the ledge or get close to it to avoid the homing missiles.

When it dies it drops a heart. Climb up the ladder for another heart and continue up the metal structure. Up the top you’ll find a Resurrection Idol. Walk to the right and break the glass container to find the first heavy weapon, the Hellwraith.

Walk to the right, shoot the button to open the door and find the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 4

Make your way across the flat killing the dire hounds and avoiding the bombs from the flying enemies. Half way across you’ll find a Resurrection Idol.

Shoot the spiked ball to break the frames below and drop down to your first pile of skulls. Break it to reveal Blood Metal. This will be used to upgrade your weapons. Just to the left is the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 5

Walk to the left, break the boxes and continue to the left. When you see the pile of boxes break them for Secret #1.

Kill the Turret and Hound and then break the pile of skulls for some more Blood Metal.

Go back, shoot the button and drop down to the spider nest. Use the sword to kill them and pick up the Resurrection Idol half way down. Drop down to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 6

Slide down, jump on the wire and up to the next wire for the Resurrection Idol. Jump up to the third wire and up to the platform for more Blood Metal.

Drop down and continue to the right for a little battle. Grab the Unlimited Energy and use your heavy weapon to quickly kill all the enemies. Hopefully some of them will drop hearts if you get low on health.

Just to the right you’ll see a ship that could be used but it’s missing the Fuel Crystal. Before going up drop down the ledge just to the right of it for Secret #2.

Walk to the right and a Dire Hound will appear. Kill it and it will drop a Blood Metal. The pile of skulls hides a Heart.

Jump back up and climb the metal beam up to a Resurrection Idol and the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 7

Climb up and use the steam vents to jump up where you’ll have another battle with a Dire Hound. Once you’ve killed it the door to the right will open. Go through for Secret #3 where you’ll find The Bastard sword.

Head back and shoot the button so you can drop down. You’ll slide down to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 8

In the next room you’ll find the Fuel Crystal Chamber. Kill the enemies as they appear and wait for the force field to turn off.

Hit the Fuel Crystal as much as possible while the shield is off. Repeat until you’ve won the fight and attained the Fuel Crystal.

Walk across to the right for a Resurrection Idol. Jump up the wires to the room above for Secret #4.

Make your way around and break the skull pile for some more Blood Metal.

Drop down and make your way back to the ship. You’ll use the Fuel Crystal to power it and break through to the jungle.

Checkpoint 9 – Junk Gargoyle Boss Fight

Boss fight with the Junk Gargoyle. It will float to the left or right of the platform and form piles of junk. Destroy the junk if you need to and shoot or hit the gargoyle. Use your heavy weapon for maximum damage and then the sword to replenish your energy.

The gargoyle will float either above or below the platform as it switches sides so you’ll need to either jump or dunk to avoid being hit.

Once the Gargoyle gets down to half health it will stand in the center and two walls will try to crush you. Quickly shoot up with the Hellwraith to finish it off. If you’re not quick enough jump out before you’re crushed and continue the fight.

The Gargoyle will throw junk at you one last time before being destroyed.

To the right you’ll find the Hellhammer and then you can trade in up to 2 Resurrection Idols for 2 Blood Metals. Slide down the wire to the right to end the level.

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