The Legacy of the Damned is the third campaign in The Frozen Throne expansion and follows the story of Prince Arthas and his Undead hordes. Prince Arthas returns to Lordaeron and declares himself King. His first task is to cleanse the city of the remaining Human population.

Legacy of the Damned Walkthrough

1) King Arthas – Prevent any of the humans from escaping to the mountains and destroy the 3 Paladin altars.

2) The Flight from Lordaeron – While King Arthas continues to lose his powers the Dreadlords take over Lordaeron, forcing Arthas to flee the city.

3) The Dark Lady – Sylvanas lays a trap for Arthas but he escapes. She must now battle the Dreadlord Varimathras.

4) The Return to Northrend –¬†Arthas and Anub’arak must first establish a base where the Blood Elves had their scout camp. You’ll then need to fight through the Naga base and then up towards the exit to Northrend.

5) Dreadlord’s Fall – Sylvanas infiltrates the Dreadlord’s base¬†while the town is sleeping and launches a surgical strike to them out completely.

6) A New Power in Lordaeron – Garithos teams up with Sylvanas to take down Balnazzar and gain control of Lordaeron.

7 Part 1) Into the Shadow Web Caverns

7 Part 2) The Forgotten Ones

7 Part 3) Ascent to the Upper Kingdom

8) A Symphony of Frost and Flame