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Looters consists of three unmarked quests that you may stumble upon as you’re wandering around Velen. Bands of peasants are often found looting dead bodies. Engaging with them may end up in a fight.

Looters I can be found on the road east of Heatherton. You’ll come across 5 Infantry and 3 Horsemen. If you try to talk to them they’ll start a fight with you.

The second group, Looters II, is found in Codgers Quarry. If you have your weapons drawn when you approach them a fight will start immediately. If you talk to them without weapons drawm 4 Alghouls will appear. Fight them off to help the peasants and they’ll be friendly towards you.

Looters III can be found in the village of Toderas. The peasants are arguing over who gets the loot. You can insult them and start a fight with all of them or walk away.

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