Destroy the Allied Navy

Destroy all Allied structures and units. There are two routes for this mission, an upper and a lower path. The objectives are still the same but the maps are slightly different.

If you choose the lower path move your subs and transport north-west to find landfall. Offload your MCV and soldiers and build a base right away. Move the subs and transport around the land mass to the west and wait there for the Allied boats to sail down. You’ll need the transport to take some of the shots while your subs finish off the boats from a distance.

If you choose the upper path move the transport north and offload your MCV and troops. Move the soldiers east along the bottom of the map and stop them at the narrow point where there’s only room for three units between the land and edge of the map. If you line up your subs here the Allied Cruisers won’t be able to get through, making this mission much easier.

Build up your base defences as you prepare a fleet of subs to clear the seas. You can also snipe the Allied ships with Migs if you want. Send a group of Heavy Tanks or Mammoths to clear the island you started on. The Allied main base will be on a small section of land that’s only accessible by transport. Use the Migs to clear out some of their defences before landing 20 or so Tanks to sweep through the Allied base and complete the mission.

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